This Training Can be Run as a Classroom Based Training
or Live Virtual Training


It is well-known that the best tendering and contract writing is of limited value if the contract is not carefully administered from award to completion. Therefore, world-class organizations view best practices in contract administration as essential skill sets needed by all employees involved in the contract management process. The participant will be guided through the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through to the final acceptance, payment, and the contract close-out so that the total objectives of entering into the contract are achieved. This program is designed to present contract administration as more than just a job or activity but as an important profession essential to the organization's ability to meet its goals.


Upon completion of this seminar, participants will know:

  • How To Provide Better Outcomes From Contracts
  • Important Elements Of Contract Administration
  • Preparation of Post Award Meetings
  • Contract Termination Issues
  • What Should be in a Force Majeure Clause
  • Review Contract Close-Out Issues
  • The Inputs And Outputs In Contract Administration


•    Managers and Professionals in Purchasing, Procurement, and Supply Management 
•    Materials, Contracts, Projects, Maintenance, Operations, and Financial Managers and,    
•    All other Managers and Professionals interested in lowering total cost and increasing productivity and profit contributions from better supply management operations.


Participants will gain from a combination of instructional methods, including lectures by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of concepts and techniques discussed.


The organization will benefit by:

  • Better Outcomes From Contracts For All Outsourced Activities
  • Greater Strategic Focus Of Those Involved In Contracting Administration
  • Higher Productivity Of Contract Administration Personnel
  • Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership Resulting From Better Contract Management
  • Improved Contractor Performance


Attendees will gain by participation in this program as a result of:

  • Increased Skill Sets In Contract Administration
  • A Greater Sense Of Professionalism
  • Increased Confidence In Dealing With Contract Issues
  • Greater Ability To Lead Contracts To Successful Conclusions
  • Increased Recognition By The Organization Due To Improved Performance


Segment 1: Effective Contract Administration

Segment 1 sets the stage for the program and emphasizes that with the ever-increasing quantity of outsourcing by organizations, Contract Administration is emerging as a critical competency for professionals and managers in most functional activities. 

  • Objectives Of Contract Administration
  • Steps in the Contract Administration Phase of Contract Management
  • The Most Critical Elements
  • Typical Inputs To Contract Administration

Segment 2: Analysis of the Contract  

Segment 2 focuses on the issues of understanding what the contract covers and the challenges that will be faced in its proper administration.

  • Starting The Contract File
  • Understanding the Statement of Work
  • Establishing Major Deliverables
  • Post-Award Conference

Segment 3: Typical Outputs of Contract Administration

Segment 3 reviews the typical outputs of good contract administration and establishes additional responsibilities for those having contract management responsibilities.

  • Forecasting Performance
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Risk Analysis
  • Firm Fixed Price Contracts (Lump Sum)

Segment 4: Maintaining Schedules & Dealing with Changes

Segment 4 presents solutions to two major issues in contract administration: on-time delivery and controlling the impact of changes.

  • Expediting Techniques
  • Contract Changes
  • Example Changes Clause
  • Requesting Cost Breakdowns

Segment 5: Issues In Contract Performance

Segment 5 explores the reality that contracts do not always end in the way that the parties contemplated in the beginning. 

  • Force Majeure
  • Buyer's Rights Before Performance is Due
  • Types Of Contract Termination
  • Breach Of Contract
  • Remedies for Breach of Contract

Segment 6: Acceptance and Close Out

Segment 6 will discuss many aspects of the final phases of the contract to ensure that the reasons for entering into the contract were accomplished.

  • Warranties
  • Final Acceptance
  • Supplier Contractor Relations
  • Claims And Disputes
  • Close-Out Procedures
  • Post Contract Review Meeting

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