What You Need to Know About CIPP/CIPM Online Procurement Certification Program?

Below You will find how CIPP & CIPM procurement certification programs work, what’s the curriculum/agenda, pricing and last but not least a comparison with 2 other well-known procurement certifications. 

In conjunction with the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA (IPSCMI), Purchasing & Procurement Center brings two (2) certification programs with well-balanced learning modules:

Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP), and Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM)

When you join either of these certification programs you are joining a program with a rigorous set of established standards and competencies for procurement executives.

The uniqueness of CIPP & CIPM certifications is that they cater to both - new aspiring procurement executive and the experienced procurement professionals for further career advancement.

The designations are recognized credentials throughout the world. Once attained they indicate achievement at a certain level of world-class knowledge, skills and competences for the procurement professional.

CIPP & CIPM Procurement Certification Programs
are conducted via
LIVE Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Procurement is an exciting field with plenty of career opportunities. The CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONAL (CIPP) and CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT MANAGER (CIPM) are two of the most prestigious qualifications for all the aspiring as well as experienced procurement professionals. Experience shows that CIPP and CIPM professionals can find great job opportunities in diverse sectors with higher salaries than their uncertified colleagues. The certifications provide an in-depth understanding of the  increasingly complex technical aspects of procurement and substantially increase the chances of career progression. Professionals with this qualification often go on to build a rewarding career in their respective industries and attain leadership positions in their organizations.

Certification Objectives

1. To promote recognition and acceptance of professional status for certified people involved in purchasing operations, among other areas of business management.

2. To develop performance standards and operational guidelines which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of purchasing.

3. To develop and live by a code of ethical standards for purchasing operations under which modern business practices might be more clearly understood and favourably accepted by the public in general. 

What are the Benefits of Professional Certification in Purchasing?

Professional certification offers individuals a wide range of important benefits. The certification designation demonstrates to current and potential employers that the employee possesses a solid foundation of experience and education in a field of endeavor that can positively impact bottom-line results. Certification symbolizes knowledge and accomplishment and is highly regarded by colleagues and employers. As a certified professional, the employee can proudly join a successful group of professionals who are enriching and advancing their careers and their chosen professions. Specific benefits include the following:


Certification indicates a high level of professionalism to both coworkers and customers, increasing one's value in the marketplace.


Certification signifies an employee as dedicated to continuous improvement of himself/herself.


Only a small fraction of professionals ever achieve certification, indicating that they are leading professionals in their fields.


Certification will improve one's understanding of the most current processes and trends in one's profession.


Individuals who become certified must subscribe to a rigorous code of ethics appropriate to the specific profession.

Other Benefits of Professional Certification in Purchasing

  • Certification helps professionals improve their job skills.
  • Certification can provide the basis for a continuing program of professional development.
  • Certification can contribute to increased departmental performance.
  • Certification can increase the credibility of the department.
  • The time, money, and effort spent on a program of professional certification is a good use of the organization's resources.
  • A certification program can be developed in an organization that has limited resources.

Does Certification Impact Salary Levels?

Research data has shown that employers typically reward certified employees with salaries that are 25 to 40% higher than those who are not certified. A high correlation between certification and salary exists for virtually all professions and all industries sampled.

Pre-Requisites, Enrolment, Completion and Final Certification.


As a procurement executive, you need to already be active in procurement, contract management, or category management roles. This is the major pre-requisite for accessing the CIPP and CIPM programs. 

I. CIPP - Certified International Procurement Professional

  1. Minimum of 5 Years of Procurement Experience
  2. Register & Pay for the CIPP program
  3. Attend Live Online Learning Modules - 13 Modules/24 Hours Total (for groups of 10 or more onsite options are available)
  4. Complete the Live Online 3 Hours Examination.
  5. Upon Successful Completion, CIPP Certification will be Issued.

II. CIPM - Certified International Procurement Manager

  1. Minimum of 10 Years of Procurement Experience
  2. Achieved/Completed the CIPP Certification
  3. Register & Pay for CIPM program
  4. Attend Live Online Learning Modules - 14 Modules/24 Hours Total (for groups of 10 or more onsite options are available)
  5. Complete the Live Online 3 Hours Examination.
  6. Upon Successful Completion, CIPM Certification will be Issued.

The Certified International Purchasing/Procurement Professional (CIPP) is designed for current and future purchasing professionals, reflecting levels of understanding and of competence needed to assume responsibility for managing purchasing operations at the international level. 

CIPP - Certified International Procurement Professional

CIPP has a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the basics of purchasing, eProcurement, maintaining healthier relationships with suppliers, and ensuring sustainable procurement.

The CIPP program is designed for all aspiring procurement professionals. It is one of the best-known procurement qualifications in the world that is suitable for individuals who are committed to implementing the best procurement and supply chain practices in their organizations. The CIPP certification validates the Procurement professional’s knowledge and dedication to follow the ethical practices in the industry. It is considered as the yardstick of excellence in the field of procurement. When certified by IPSCMI, the person is well-poised to make a difference in both his career as well as the organisation that he works for.


Module 1: Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Module 2: The Purchasing Process

Module 3: Purchasing Policy and Procedures

Module 4: Purchasing Integration for Competitive Advantage

Module 5: Purchasing and Supply Chain Organisation (Part 1)

                Purchasing/Procurement Pre-Award Process (Part 2)

                Informal Procurement Methods (Part 3)

Module 6: Purchasing & Commodity Strategy Development (Part 1 & 2)

                 Purchasing Strategy (Part 3)

                 Insourcing / Outsourcing (Make or Buy - Part 4)

Module 7: Supplier Evaluation and Selection (Part 1)

                 Price and Cost Analysis (Part 2)

                 Module 8: Worldwide Sourcing

Module 9: Strategic Cost Management

Module 10: Purchasing and Supply Chain Analysis: Tools and Techniques

Module 11: Negotiating a Quality Contract

Module 12: Contract Types

Module 13: Purchasing Law and Ethics


CIPM - Certified Professional Procurement Manager

CIPM will help you to understand the complex concepts in purchasing to attain leadership positions. It focuses on fulfilling the strategic goals of an organization through efficient sourcing, supply chain management, contracts management, and best ethical practices, along with foreseeing future trends in the industry.

CIPM is an Advanced Level Certification in Procurement. Enrolment for CIPM is possible after obtaining the CIPP certification. The CIPM certification is specifically designed for individuals who want to enhance their careers and get into the senior management level. The course will focus mostly on the strategic aspects of Procurement. The CIPM certification will highlight the skills and expertise required in the industry, along with the vast knowledge needed to manage procurement for long-term benefits.


Module 1: Leadership & Management

Module 2: Streamlining Your Procurement Process

Module 3: Spend Management & Spend Analysis

Module 4: Sourcing (Part 1, 2, & 3)

Module 5: Strategic Sourcing

Module 6: Strategic Sourcing & Category Management

Module 7: International Sourcing & World Class Contract Negotiator

Module 8: Global Sourcing

Module 9: Contract Administration (Part 1)

Module 10: Contract Administration (Part 2)

Module 11: Supplier Relationship Management (Part 1)

Module 12: Supplier Relationship Management (Part 2)

Module 13: Supplier Relationship Management (Part 3)

Module 14: Supplier Relationship Management (Part 4)

One Fixed Enrollment Fee

When enrolling for CIPP or CIPM, there are No hidden fees with One-All Inclusive price as below:

CIPP at USD 2,245  

CIPM at USD 2,245

  • LIVE Virtual Lectures for a total of six weeks (1 session per week / every Saturdays)
  • Electronic Study Guide
  • Online Certification Exam one week after the LIVE Virtual Training
  • Certificate

CIPP & CIPM vs Other Procurement Certification Programs 

Standing behind our promise of CIPP & CIPM being the Superior Online Procurement Certification Programs, we’ve included a special article about 3 Top Procurement Certifications.

In this article you will find what’s the pricing, curriculum and for whom each certification is best suited for - No Holds Barred - All Revealed Here

Summary of CIPP & CIPM Online Procurement Certification Program


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