Evergreen Procurement Information That Never Gets Outdated

With the multitude of procurement advise being offered around the web, the latest 'fads' and supposedly 'new trends', it becomes hard and confusing for procurement leaders and executives to implement tried, tested and proven best practices that are timeless, immutable & everlasting.

Purchasing & Procurement Center fills such void by providing 'evergreen best practice' content that is applicable, usable and relevant across different industries - best practices that never get old, outdated or obsolete.

Recent Articles

  1. Even Lawyers can Fail to Include Consideration in a Business Contract.

    How Can 3 Lawyers Neglect to Include Consideration in a Business Contract? Real Life Example – What Else Apart from Money is Consideration?”

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  2. 8 Indicators of Building Strategic Supplier Relationships

    Discover if your relationship with suppliers is ‘word-class’ or still the ‘old-time approach? 8 Indicators Of Building Strategic Supplier Relationships vs old-time school.

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  3. Contract Management Administration

    What is Contract Management Administration? Discover 7 criteria for contract management - 3 Distinct areas for vendor relations in a contract - How to manage the contract.

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Helpful Resources

Free Purchasing Reports
Find here a list of downloadable purchasing reports from 7 Star Purchasing, Strategic sourcing plans, Price Clauses in Contracts and many more.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management
Learn what are the components of purchasing management and how can you manage those components?

Purchasing Strategies

6 Core Purchasing Strategies
What are the 6 Core Purchasing Strategies? - How to use these procurement strategies to minimize costs and maximize quality?

Successful Purchasing Negotiation

Successful Purchasing Negotiation
Learn the 3 requirement of Procurement & Purchasing Negotiation that will Help You to Become an Expert Negotiator with Suppliers

Vendor Management

Vendor Management
How Do You Score Your Vendors? Comprehensive Criteria to Your Vendor Management Efforts. Learn about VMS, VRM, VMI & other Vendor management Terms

Contract Management

What Is Contract Management?
What is contract management ? - Discover 7 criteria for contract management - 3 Distinct areas for vendor relations in a contract - How to manage the contract.

Material Management

Materials Management's Five Critical Processes and People
Find out whether Materials management should be considered part of the purchasing team function or is it handled separately?

Tender Management

What is Tender Management?
Tender Management is the process of designing and writing tender proposals, complete with the …. Plus the 7 criteria of tender management.

Inventory Management

What Is Inventory Management?
Find out the answer of what is inventory management? Plus top 5 principles of inventory,  turnover rate, spare parts inventory management, models.

Strategic Cost Management Implementation

Strategic Cost Management Implementation
Find out the factors that affect your strategic cost management initiatives and the 2 directions for strategic cost management implementation.

Definition Of Sourcing

Definition Of Sourcing – The 2 main sourcing definitions
First Sourcing definition i.e. … sourcing is a concept that was popularized … Second definition of sourcing i.e. ... is sourcing products and ….

Global strategic sourcing

Global strategic sourcing demystified
Find about why & what of global strategic sourcing? Plus where opportunities lie in global strategic sourcing and the risks to avoid.

E Procurement

E Procurement - Challenges and Opportunities
Moving to e procurement will streamline your supply chain management, saving time, money and hassle. Learn challenges and opportunities of e procurement.



RFI, RFP or RFQ How to decide which sourcing tools to use for procurement success

Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors
The Purchasing and Procurement Center Board of Advisors provides support and advice to the Purchasing and Procurement committee and pursues topics of interest and makes recommendations.

E-procurement Advantages

5 E-procurement Advantages
Are e-procurement advantages worth the investment?
Discover the 5 e-procurement advantages and decided if it is right for you and your company.

e-procurement services

Sourcing e-procurement services
Discover the 11 steps of e-procurement services – in an easy to understand map. Then Look at the offerings and decide which application suits you.

E-procurement Trends

E-procurement Trends in the Global Marketplace
Discover e-procurement trends in private & government sector. Plus the latest e-procurement trends in NGOs (non-governmental organizations)

Global tenders

Global tenders – Are Benefits & Worth the Risks !?
Discover Global Tenders 5 risks Beware that despite benefits of global Tenders you must consider whether it is worthwhile to tender all explained here.

procurement service providers

Outsourcing to procurement service providers
Procurement service providers are effectively middlemen Discover the 3 benefits of sourcing to procurement service providers and then only decide if you need to use them.

Avoiding Tender Fraud

Identifying & Avoiding Tender Fraud

Discover the 7 types of tender fraud.

Plus learn the 4 measures used to avoid tender fraud.

Supplier Selection Survey Results

Supplier Selection and Performance Survey Results

supplier selection survey, supplier performance survey