Procurement E-Learning/
Online Training For Teams

Makes Training & Development for Procurement Teams Effective, Entertaining & Affordable

With More than 200 E-learning Modules, Online Simulations & Application Based Tasks this scenario-based e-learning is the leading procurement e-learning and online training for over 20,000 learners worldwide. 

Covering over 95% of all procurement topics from Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Negotiations, Cost Management, Contract Management, SRM, Legal Terms for Procurement up to Category Management, Procurement Strategy, Supplier Risks, Finance Concepts for Procurement, Project Management and much more. 

Experience the advanced visual design and how it encourages effortless learning. Discover how and why the humorous style is much more superior to photos and a must to learn practical skills.

  • Makes Learning engaging and learners remain active;
  • Builds Skills 4 to 5 times Faster
  • Presents similar effects as a real life seminar
  • Makes Learning On the Go A Reality - Each Module is Short (less than 20 minutes) - Watch anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other online courses that are Power Point like, this E-Learning program is designed to impart practical & useable skills - No Fluff, No academic, no Theoretical information! 

Bring this effective, entertaining & affordable procurement e-learning to your organisation. Contact Us Here, and watch over 20 plus e-learning samples by completing the form on the right.

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