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I could apply the situations to our world easily and gave great tips along the way on how to use the tools. Applying a real situation to the simulation examples was great in helping me learn to apply the information correctly and with the greatest impact.  ... The examples were great as well.  … I feel great about the whole process and have learnt so much and have been given a lot of great tools to use.  Overall it was a great experience and will be very useful to my work.

Karen Lawton - Buyer - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities - Canada

Cutting-Edge Online Procurement Trainings & Certifications Based on High Impact E-Learning Methodology

Certified International Procurement Professional

For Aspiring Non-Managerial Purchasing & Procurement Professionals with Less than 5 Years Experience

  • 1 to 12 Months Completion Time
  • 12 Months unlimited access to assigned courses
  • 65 Courses with total seat time of 63 hours
  • Exams

Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional

For Skilled Managers, Directors & Other Senior Level Executives & Procurement Leaders

  • 3 to 18 Months Completion Time
  • 18 Months unlimited access to assigned courses
  • 114 Courses with total seat time of 107 hours
  • Exams

Advanced Negotiations

For Seasoned Negotiators that Want to Learn How to Build Advanced Negotiation Skills Through Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations. Employ concepts such as biases in negotiations and game theory to expand your negotiation skills.

Advanced Strategic Sourcing

For Those Who Want to Become a Highly Effective Strategic Sourcing Specialist & Master Advanced Sourcing Strategies To Move to a Higher Level of Sourcing in Your Organization

Category Management

This extensive program will teach and embed world-class category management content, from spend analysis, category process overview, involvement and role of stakeholders, market analysis, strategy development up to implementation and continuous improvement.

Cost Management

This Online Program Shows How to Achieve Lower Costs Across the Buying Cycle for Higher Profits? Learn with Cutting-Edge Learning Technologies that Help Master Concepts  Through Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations

Strategic Sourcing Fundamentals

Become an Effective Strategic Sourcing Executive & Master Core Sourcing Principles Using Online Scenarios & Simulations that Enable You to Practice & Further Embed What You Learn & Apply in Real-Life.

Win-Win Procurement Negotiations

Cutting-Edge Online Training on Procurement Negotiations Shows with Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations How to Negotiate with Suppliers for Better Prices & Terms.

Strategic Contract Management

Learn How to Manage Contracts & Suppliers to Ensure they Deliver on Their Promises? Using Real-Life Online Scenarios & Simulations to Practice & Further Embed the Learnings.

Follow/Shadow the Procurement Expert

Imagine if you could shadow an expert, look how he/she is applying – in real-life scenarios with suppliers and stakeholders – best practices in a simple, structured way. Using a hands-on language. What do you think, wouldn’t that help you more?

That is how the High Impact E-Learning Procurement Training Courses have been designed, so that you can Learn something easily & quickly and then use it in your job.

Well Worth the Time & Value Investment ... Before the simulations, I am 90% confident that I have fully grasped the lessons and principles. Then comes the humbling simulations :), ... I often found myself going back to review and get better understanding. It's one thing to know the principles, application is a different challenge as scenarios change and can be complex. But in the end, I am confident that I am better placed to deliver and exceed expectations at work and personal engagements.  

Adebisi Shonekan - Senior Commercial Operations Manager - Baker Hughes

Online Procurement Trainings/Rapid E-Learning Format!

The following Purchasing & Procurement Trainings are recordings from our classroom trainings. Unlike High-Impact E-Learning, these online trainings are powerpoint narrations from the instructors.

The Effective Procurement Executive

Tested & Proven Procurement Strategies & Practices that Have Stood the Test of Time, Are Practical & Flat Out Work - For New & Seasoned Procurement Professionals!

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The Effective Procurement Negotiator

Tested & Proven Procurement Negotiation Techniques, Strategies & Tools that Help to Negotiate Successfully Without Being a Pain on Suppliers’ Back!

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Essential Procurement Practices

Procurement Techniques, Strategies & Practices to Improve the Procurement & Contracting Process, Negotiate Competently & Reduce Costs!

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Classroom/Instructor-Led Purchasing & Procurement Training Courses for Teams

Download Our In-House Training Catalog

Includes a Summary 30 Plus Courses From Strategic Sourcing, Negotiations, Cost Management, Supplier Relations, Category management, Contracts Up to Legal Aspects in Procurement, Finance Concepts for Procurement etc. Those Who Are Looking for a Comprehensive List of Purchasing & Procurement Training Courses Should Start Here!

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From Tactical to World Class Procurement

A Strategic Program full of dynamic instructions, with 17  interesting case studies, interactive group exercises and ready-made templates, checklists and examples. Upon completion of the program, you will possess knowledge, strategic insights and tools to bring yourself and your organisation to world class procurement practices.

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Advanced Procurement Negotiations

There are many seminars, books, & video series today about the subject of “Procurement Negotiations”. However this 2 Day Training Program is Conducted by an Expert who has negotiated & achieved over a quarter Billion dollars savings for Bank of America. Consistently praised by participants for teaching & developing advanced negotiations skills for procurement professionals.

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Cost Price Analysis in Procurement

This 2 Day program will fully expose, clarify, & illustrate what it takes to conduct cost & price analysis. All done through an 80% application with examples & exercises, and only 20% explanation. Includes Samples, Templates & Checklists. 

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Expert Strategic Sourcing

The Expert Strategic Sourcing Program fully equips class participants to efficiently administer all the elements in the Strategic Sourcing Process. It especially helps groups which already possess solid sourcing skills, move to an Advanced Level of Sourcing Competency.

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Technology Contracting

Discover the ins & outs of the technology providers’ environment where the supplier industry wants to use its own contract paper & how to navigate through these challenges to improve the quality and content of the technology agreements you enter into.  Includes Case Studies, Checklists, Templates & Examples.

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Clients from North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.  

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Then we'll walk you through a Live Demonstration of Various Cutting-Edge learning & training tools that ensure you and your team learn from real-life experiences that can be used in the workplace.

Set up the Live Demo & Discover in 30 Minutes How our Clients Are Building Their Teams to World-Class Levels. No Pushy Sales-Pitches, Only What You Need to Know to Determine if we are the Right Partners for Each-Other!

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