3 Options for Procurement & Purchasing Managers Training Courses!

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Whether you are a new or seasoned Procurement & Purchasing Manager there are 3 options to build your managerial procurement skills:

1. Go the Certification Route, where you sign up for a comprehensive long term program to build thorough skills & gain an accreditation similar to a Degree/Masters Program. This is probably the best option even though a bit costlier than the other 2 options.

2. Take a Bundle of Courses and build skills to be a successful Procurement & Purchasing Manager. This is less costly than certification.

3. Take Single Procurement Training Courses to build your skills 'one at a time'. This is cheaper in the short term but more expensive long term as buying each course separately is more expensive than a bundle.

Below You will find previews of all the 3 options with links to more details for each.

Free Procurement Training Bundle for Managers - Valued at $97 but Free for a Limited Time!

Includes 30 Short Online Training Modules on Sourcing, Negotiations, Cost, Contracts, Category Management etc.

Procurement & Purchasing Manager Training Courses Summary!

Option 1 - Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP)

Option 2 -  Strategic Procurement Management Practices Bundle

Includes Online Courses on Strategic Sourcing, Advanced Negotiations, Category Management, Measuring Procurement Performance & Stakeholder Management.

Option 3 - Individual Training Courses for Purchasing & Procurement Managers

  • The Effective Procurement Executive
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Procurement Negotiations
  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management 
  • Category Management

Option 1 - Certification:
The Ultimate Procurement Training & Certification Program for Managers

Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP)

CIAPP is an Online Procurement Certification Program for Seasoned Procurement Executives & Managers with more than 5 years Experience, looking for a holistic approach to build strategic & advanced procurement skills & obtain an international certification. 

This advanced certification program focuses on 5 Training Courses for Procurement Managers to build Expert Skills in:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Negotiations
  • Finance Concepts for Procurement
  • Category Management
  • Contract Terms & Legal Aspects in Procurement

Plus it includes another 4 Purchasing Manager Courses on building Advanced Skills in:

  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Strategy
  • Project Management

The whole program requires a time investment of 5 to 6 hours per month to complete in 12 months.

Option 2 - Bundle:
Strategic Procurement Management Practices Online Program

This bundle program is a good way for Purchasing & Procurement Managers to builds skills quickly but still in-depth. It includes 5 e-Programs:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Category Management
  • Measuring Procurement Performance
  • Stakeholder Management

This program includes 21 Hours of Online Learning & Simulations with 6 Months Unlimited Access

Review Online Samples from this program here.

Option 3 - Single Courses

Single courses can be taken at any time based on your priorities. The disadvantage of taking single courses is that you build only 1 skill at a time. And as time goes by so does work and being busy - ignoring and forgetting to upgrade skills. 

However this is a good way for those Purchasing & Procurement Managers who have experience and looking to 'fill/close the gap' with specific training courses where they lack skills & knowledge. 

All the Purchasing & Procurement Managers Training Courses Feature cutting-edge learning tools & methodologies including Scenario-Based E-Learning & Simulations. Here's a preview of each program ...

The Effective Procurement Executive

A Real-Life & Practical 5 Hours Online Program for Purchasing & Procurement Managers. Includes Tested & Proven Procurement Strategies & Practices that Have Stood the Test of Time, Are Practical & Flat Out Work! 

Click here for Details

Strategic Sourcing Training

Strategic Sourcing Fundamentals

This program shows how to become an Effective Strategic Sourcing Executive & Master Core Sourcing Principles Using Online Scenarios & Simulations that Enable You to Practice & Further Embed What You Learn & Apply in Real-Life.

Includes 3 Hours of Online Learning - Equivalent to 12 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) which is 1.5 Days Class Training, with 6 E-Courses/1 Micro-Learning/2 Simulations & 2 Months Unlimited Access.

More Details ...

Advanced Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing Strategies to Become a Highly Effective Strategic Sourcing Specialist & Master Advanced Sourcing Strategies To Move to a Higher Level of Strategic Sourcing in Your Organization.

Includes 5 Hours of Online Learning - Equivalent to 20 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) which is 2.5 Days Class Training, with 6 E-Courses/2 Micro-Learning/12 Simulations & 2 Months Unlimited Access.

More Details ...

[online simulations] were helpful because they gave a few examples so I could apply the situations to our world easily and gave great tips along the way on how to use the tools. Applying a real situation to the simulation examples was great in helping me learn to apply the information correctly and with the greatest impact ... The examples were great as well.  

Karen Lawton - Buyer - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, Canada

The simulations were tricky but good. … The example tests [in the simulations] were challenging … [and] by answering the simulations scenarios, it gave me an idea on how to tackle certain situations.

Schnelle Augustine - Buyer - Dubai Golf, UAE

Very good balance between course content and additional knowledge and experience...  [I like] the practical examples - It was perfect for its purpose. All of it [e-learning] can be applied to my current job. 

Dimitar Stefanov Dimitrov - Service Delivery Manager - Telenor, Bulgaria

Procurement Negotiations

Win-Win Procurement Negotiations

Must have program for every buyer. It focuses on the ABC’s of negotiations based on Harvard methodology, dedicated to buyers. Learn about win-win/win-lose negotiations, your negotiation style, planning, opening, issues to trade, zopa, batna, closing a negotiation and much more.

More Details About Win-Win Procurement Negotiations E-Learning Here ...

Advanced Negotiations

For those with seasoned negotiation experience, take your skills to the next level by learning how to employ concepts such as biases in negotiations and game theory to expand your negotiation skills, through Online Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations

More Details About Advanced Negotiations E-Learning Here ...

Cost Management

This program Shows Through Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations How to Achieve Lower Costs Across the Buying Cycle for Higher Profits. Learn about cost calculation, estimation, should cost analysis, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concepts, Value Analysis & Engineering & much more.

Includes 5 Scenario Based E-Learning Modules/E-Courses, 3 Micro-Learning & 6 Simulations

More Details Here About Cost Management Online Training ...

Category Management

This extensive & thorough online training class will teach and embed world-class category management content, from spend analysis to process overview, involvement and role of stakeholders, market analysis (Porter 5 forces, SWOT), strategy development to implementation and continuous improvement. Use the many simulations to practice and further embed the learnings.

Includes 7.5 Hours of Online Learning - Equivalent to 28 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) which is 3.5 Days Class Training with 7 E-Courses/2 Micro-Learning/13 Simulations & 2 Months Unlimited Access.

More Details ...

Strategic Contract Management

How to Manage Contract & Suppliers to Ensure they Deliver on Their Promises. Using Real-Life Online Scenarios & Simulations to Practice & Further Embed the Learnings.

Includes 4 Hours of Online Learning - Equivalent to 16 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) which is 2 Days Class Training with 6 E-Courses/2 Micro-Learning/6 Simulations & 2 Months Unlimited Access.

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