Online/E-Learning Procurement & Purchasing Trainings
Watch Samples of Selected Modules of This 60 Hours Plus Entertaining Procurement E-Learning program

Why This E-learning Program

  • Participants find these online courses engaging and remain active;
  • Understand the Course Content and Details 4 to 5 times Faster
  • Similar effect as a real life seminar
  • Each Module is Short (less than 20 minutes) - Watch anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other online courses that are Power Point like, this E-Learning program is designed only for skills learning & practical application - No academic, no theoretical information!

You can replace any 2 days class purchasing training with any of E-Learning Modules – 4 to 5 times faster. If you combine this with classroom training programs the results will be multiplied, double or sometimes triple!

To experience the demo’s and find out how these e-learning purchasing trainings are different, simply fill in the form on the right.

Experience the advanced visual design and how it encourages effortless procurement training. Discover how and why the humorous style is much more superior to photos and a must to learn practical skills.


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Who Uses this E-Learning Program?

What They Say?

Looking for 1 person/individual procurement and purchasing training?

Purchasing & Procurement Training offers this e-learning program as a corporate package for 10 people or more. Unless the Procurement Director or CPO has clear goals for all procurement staff, we are not able to successfully implement the elearning program. We cannot then implement an internal certification and graduation program for procurement professionals.

That’s why we cannot offer individual packages for our elearning program. If you’re interested in this, you can always download the samples and then talk to your Procurement Head to train the whole team. Or you can check our classroom training programs here.


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