Cost Price Analysis in Procurement & Contracts

2/3 Days Training Program/Workshop


Why This Training?

Conducted by ‘True Guru’ Of Purchasing’, Robi Bendorf, this is the only program that will fully expose, clarify, & illustrate what it takes to conduct cost & price analysis. All done through an 80% application (with hands on exercises) and only 20% explanation …

Double Guarantees

First, You Must Be Thrilled Guarantee

Money back guarantee

If you're not thrilled after attending, just let us know. Call or email our office & just tell us. You'll get a full "no questions asked" refund. And we'll thank you for having the courage to attend this event. You'll either love everything about this training class or You'll get it for free.

Second, 365 Days Guarantee.

365 Days Guarantee.

After the training the 2nd guarantee kicks in. We’ll ride with you for the next 365 days, 1 full year where you have the opportunity to use the strategies that you learn. If you find that what you learn in this training does not work in real life then just tell us. We’ll still refund your money back within 365 days after the training

Testimonials for Expert Strategic Sourcing Training

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I strongly recommend this training course especially for top and middle management.

~Nizar Akrim - PMO Manager, Al-Arrab Contracting Company, Saudi Arabia

Thai Oil Company

The program covers … all the content you need to practice strategic sourcing. [I liked best the] experience sharing of the instructor. This program gave me better understanding of strategic sourcing and widen my knowledge on the sourcing activities and techniques we can apply.

Siriluck Apiratpinyo - Strategic Sourcing - Assistant  Manager,
Thai Oil Company, Thailand

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Great, go ahead  and join this program! Greater skills can be achieved in this course especially in negotiation, and sourcing. [I liked best] team exercises.” 

Soorej Zakaria - Senior Manager Commercial,
Al-Arrab Contracting Company, Saudi Arabia

Celcom Axiata, Malaysia

Must - attend … Course met my expectations.” 

Romainor Ismail - Procurement Specialist,
Celcom Axiata, Malaysia

Standard Chartered International

[I liked best the] comprehensive topic covered, related information shared, practices communication & discussions.” 

Noor Azian Arifin - Head, KL Sourcing Hub,
Scope International (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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Highly recommended! Worth every penny. Great course, excellent trainer! Mark is a winner!  ... strongly believe that all of us have gained vast knowledge / on the subject. I like most that Mark was able to explain complex subjects in an understandable manner. Keep it up. 

Rusmar Tijing - Senior Quality Engineer,
Al-Arrab Contracting Company, Saudi Arabia

Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

I want to tell you how pleased we were with the deliverables from the Sourcing Process Training your team developed on our behalf. … The training you provided was a great value-add…as the classes were well-received by all participants. I feel that we were able to meet our objectives to reinforce proper sourcing processes and techniques, and to provide helpful information and tips towards the completion of RFQ’s, RFI’s, RFP’s and Negotiations. The exercises, case studies, and interactive activities, along with the open communications between you and the attendees, were excellent. 

Vice President, Supply Management Services,
Fortune 500 Insurance Provider - US

Celcom Axiata, Malaysia

“Great training .. it is more structured and easier to learn sourcing strategy.” 

Kam Kasturie - Procurement Specialist - Celcom Axiata, Malaysia

Brief Course Description

When you attend, there are 7 Takeaways:

1. Where To Focus Your Efforts When Doing Cost-Price Analysis?

You’re busy with a lot of work - that’s why you first learn what is effective in procurement & what is not effective. Then we show as to where should you do direct your Cost-Price analysis endeavors so that you don’t waste time doing things that do not affect the bottom line.

2. The Difference Between Price Analysis & Cost Analysis?

There’s a time when you do Price Analysis and there’s a different time when you do Cost Analysis. We’ll show you the difference and when you should do each of them!

3. How To Perform Price Analysis?

This session is jump-packed with exercises where you’re going to understand how suppliers mark up their prices, margin pricing & using purchase price index to determine the price suppliers should charge

4. How to Perform Cost Analysis?

This is where you learn all you need to know about cost analysis accompanied with exercises, for example … cost estimation, major elements of cost, effects of direct & indirect costs on suppliers costs/pricing, getting suppliers to provide cost breakdowns and should cost analysis.

5. Overall Simple, Easy & Down-To-Earth Explanation & Application Of All Cos-Price Analysis Concepts

Despite the fact that cost and price analysis is complicated, we introduce all concepts in a practical, realistic & coherent way so that you can absorb all the concepts in an easy way & go back ready to apply these concepts in your day to day activities.

6. Principles Shown Through Examples & Exercises.

Mark up pricing, margin pricing, price volume relationship, using historical data from purchase price index, should cost estimation.

7. Samples, Templates & Checklists

Should cost sample & checklist, Cost estimating Summary sheet, Indirect Cost Pool template cum checklist.

Expert Strategic Sourcing Course Description

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