Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP) & Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM) Application!

We will use the information you provide to advise the correct Certification program for you.

Typically, CIPP is for less experienced procurement executives and CIPM requires CIPP + 10 years' experience. Exemptions are made on a case-to-case basis for direct enrollment to CIPM for those with substantial experience and manager/leader role.

Practical & Real-Life Procurement Trainings & Certifications for Team & Personal Development

[Purchasing & Procurement Center] PPC is a team of very dedicated procurement professionals. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance the skills of a procurement team from an ‘As-Is’ to a ‘World-Class’ team.  … wasl considers PPC a strategic partner in developing skills and talent … [they] have not only met our budget levels but have offered us a number of value add solutions at no cost to company, which truly reflects their commitment to the procurement industry and their assurance to exceed client satisfaction. 

Sidney Soares - Head of Procurement - WASL Asset Management

Clients from North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia.  

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I really would recommend the [CIPP] program!


I loved the lecturer [for CIPP]. His wealth and his knowledge of procurement is extensive. His deliverables in terms of taking all of that amount of information and condensing it in the program, I think that is very good.

I really would recommend the [CIPP] program for others because ...given the changes that are going on globally, I think any professional needs to continue to apply yourself and to continue to harness the technologies and what's changing so that you are able to do the best thing that you need to do in the right way and to manage your cost.

Join the [CIPP] program for your own self-development. Especially if you are in the role of as a procurement manager as I am, the recognition globally that you're certified means that to other entities, to other partners that you're working with, there is a confidence that you bring to the table to demonstrate that you have actually gone through the formal trainings, the disciplines.

This [CIPP] course has helped me to identify the best possible options, best possible contracting solutions that I could apply to introduce this to my business so that we are not necessarily working harder but working smarter in how we've been procuring our goods and our services.

Tabatha Reese - Procurement Manager- Unicomer Group - Jamaica CIPP Certified

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[CIPP] raise(s) the bar on my expectations for future certifications!


I had expected the typical certification course where we review materials and then test. The group interaction and active class participation were great benefits and raise the bar on my expectations for future certifications. Take the [CIPP] program. It has great actionable material. Plus, networking with other world-wide professionals is a bonus.

Scott Finley – Procurement Manager - Johnstone Supply – US - CIPP Certified

[online simulations] were helpful because they gave a few examples so I could apply the situations to our world easily and gave great tips along the way on how to use the tools. Applying a real situation to the simulation examples was great in helping me learn to apply the information correctly and with the greatest impact  … there was so many tools and charts that I can apply to my work. 

Courses were easy to follow even when the topic was difficult. I could go over them a as many times as I needed to get a better understanding of each topic. The examples were great as well.  

… I feel great about the whole process and have learnt so much and have been given a lot of great tools to use.  Overall it was a great experience and will be very useful to my work.

Karen Lawton - Buyer - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, Canada

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning & CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

The simulations were tricky but good. … The example tests [in the simulations] were challenging … [and] by answering the simulations scenarios, it gave me an idea on how to tackle certain situations.

Schnelle Augustine - Buyer - Dubai Golf, UAE

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning/CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

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Well Worth the Value Investment. Before the simulations, I am 90% confident that I have fully grasped the lessons and principles. Then comes the humbling simulations :), ... I often found myself going back to review and get better understanding. It's one thing to know the principles, application is a different challenge as scenarios change and can be complex. But in the end, I am confident that I am better placed to deliver and exceed expectations at work and personal engagements.  Practice and Utilization of skills will aid continuous improvement for excellence.

Adebisi Shonekan - Senior Commercial Operations Manager - Baker Hughes

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning & CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

This has given me so much more confidence when conducting my day to day routine!

I honestly cant say enough good things about this program! My knowledge has increased substantially since taking the first course. These courses have made me better in all facets of procurement. Looking back now, I was not as educated as I thought I was in a lot of areas of procurementThese courses have taken me to a whole new level of understanding and has given me so much more confidence when conducting my day to day routine. This has truly been an amazing journey and experience for me and I cant thank you enough for the opportunity. I will be forever grateful!

Ernie Ethier - Buyer - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, Canada

CIAPP Certified

The scenario based E-learning helped me to have a better understanding … [I liked most] the visual scenario and recap in every page … [and instances] where you can apply in our daily procurement activities

Erick Beron - Purchasing Supervisor - WASL Group, Dubai, UAE

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning & CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

The full course [scenario-based e-learning & simulations are] very much relevant to my work. Will start planning and apply the game theory to get maximum gain to our organisation.

Jose Dias - Asst. Purchasing Officer - Dubai Golf

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning/CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

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