Unlocking the Procurement Potential Podcast:

Lack of Perspective in Procurement when Aligning KPIs with Business Objectives! What Should You Look for When Hiring in Procurement & Much More!

Min 2:51 - Discover what Lacks in Procurement that causes a disparity between Procurement KPIs and what You Need to Buy!  

Minute 4:30 - The Profound Understanding the Procurement Needs to Have, that Does not Relate to Procurement! 

Minute 7:00 - This 1 Trait Will Help Procurement Teams to Relate Better to End-Users & Suppliers! 

Minute 8:50 - Who Should You Hire in Procurement – Young/Non-Experienced or those with Experience? 

Minute 14:51- Apart from Detailed Learning Plans, there’s 1 More thing this Procurement Leaders Helps his team with! 

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