7 Critical Areas of Excellence that Procurement Directors & Executives Need to Embrace for Success!

As we move into a new era of great expectations for the purchasing and supply management executives, each of the Seven Critical Areas of Excellence represent areas that need to be handled - and handled well - by today's & tomorrow's purchasing and supply management functions. 

Keeping up with the fads simply won’t keep you competitive: Mastering & Perfecting the 7 Prime Directives Will! 

Download & Discover:

  • The 2 main problems that explain why CEO’s do not view procurement function seriously!
  • 7 factors to consider when using cost-price analytics and techniques!
  • The 4 Levels of the supply base relationship!
  • The 4 Strategic Categories in sourcing!
  • The Matrix of Purchase Category Assessment Positioning Grid!
  • 5 areas to consider every time in a negotiation process!
  • And Many More ... 

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