The Request for Proposal (RFP) Handbook
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The Best Request for Proposal Practices, Checklists, Examples, Guidelines & Regulations to Bullet-Proof & Solve Your Request for Proposal (RFP) Problems.

By Michael Asner - Leading Author for RFP Processes!

Containing 600 pages, the RFP Handbook is the Trusted Reference for Procurement Professionals & Covers Issues Not Adequately Dealt with in Any Other Publications. These Issues Include:

  • Testing Your Evaluation Procedure Before Issuing the RFP
  • Using Risk as an Evaluation Factor
  • Using a “Fairness Officer” on High-Risk RFPs
  • Step-by-Step Narrative of an Actual Evaluation Procedure
  • Non-Numerical Evaluation of Cost
  • Using Past Performance Data in Your Evaluation

This book leads the reader through the entire Request for Proposal (RFP) Process and provides best practices from more than 100 jurisdictions. These best practices have emerged as a practical strategy for building “fair, open and transparent” RFP processes.

While the Hard/Printed Copy of the Book Costs $170 on Amazon (if available), You Can Get a Free Digital Copy of the Book by Clicking the Button Below.

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