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7 Best Procurement Practices Free E-Course!

7 Days Real-Life & Practical E-Course for New & Seasoned Buyers - Retail Price $97 But Free Until the Timer Hits Zero! 

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1. Strategic Sourcing Big Picture!

2. Golden Standards in Procurement Negotiations!

3. Fraud Detection & Prevention!

4. Supplier Relationship Management 5 Step Process!

5. Cost & Price Analysis Examples!

6. Category Management 5 Phases Process!

7. Cognitive Biases in Negotiations!

E-Course Summary:

No of E-Classes: 7 (Seven) 

Methodology: Scenario Based E-Learning

Total Length: 1 Hour

Access: Immediate After Joining

Price = $97 (Free for a Limited Time Until Timer Hits Zero)

Delivered Over 7 Days (1 Email per Day), this E-course Will Help you to Understand and Implement  Real-Life Scenarios Illustrated in the Scenario Based E-Learning Examples.

If you Have Not Watched Previously Samples from our Scenario Based E-Learning, then it's likely You Have never seen Best Procurement Practices like this, with multiple real-life scenarios that will help internalize these best practices.

Using the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies that make learning enjoyable, easy to remember and most importantly, with practical and relevant real-life examples & scenarios.

Includes the Following:

#1: Strategic Sourcing Big Picture!

Big Picture Overview of How Each Steps Fits into the Bigger Picture of Strategic Sourcing Process!

#2: The Golden Standards in Procurement Negotiations!

Starting with Preparation, Opening, How to Start the Meeting, How to Bargain & Finally How to Close the Negotiations?

#3: Fraud Detection & Prevention!

Real-Life Scenarios Show Fraud Examples & How to Prevent It. How People Rationalize Fraud? The 3 Components that Need to be Present Before Someone Commits Fraud

#4: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 5 Steps Process !

Using the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Process to Identify & Keep Important Suppliers. How the Relationship Analysis Helps to Influence Relationships?

#5: Cost & Price Analysis Examples!

How Price is Different from Costs & What Are Other Relevant Cost/Price Concepts?

#6: Category Management 5 Phases Process Overview! 

The Big Picture of Category Management Explained in an Easy to Digest & Understand Format. Grasp & Understand the Definition & Process of Category Management. 

#7. Cognitive Biases in Negotiations

Discover How Cognitive Biases Affect Your Decisions Even Without Suppliers Negotiating with You? Anchor & Confirmation Biases Plus Framing & Halo Effects!

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