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For both - new & seasoned procurement executives, show-casing not only essential concepts like strategic sourcing, negotiations, or fraud, but also advanced topics like category management, or using cognitive biases to influence suppliers & internal stakeholders.

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Here's What Others Say About CIPP/CIAPP Procurement Certifications:

For Sure I Would Recommend This [CIPP] Program!

Very good course, its really user friendly, good level of information, good assignments, in short: valuable for the procurement professional. Especially the negotiations course give me a lot of new insights with I used during my work. 

For Sure I would recommended this program! 

Richard Stempyn - Managing Director - Liaison EXperts & Quality Tracking - Netherlands - CIPP Certified

The [CIAPP] Program is Interesting, Comprehensive, Easy to Understand, Easy to Learn & Cost Efficient. It Exceeded my Expectations for Online Training! I believe that in the near future the [CIAPP] program will help me will increase my chances of promotion, pay raise or new job opportunity.

Very good balance between course content and additional knowledge and experience...  [I like] the practical examples ...  perfect for its purpose.[I like] the practical orientation of the simulations [and] ... contents of the course, they are what I need currently.

The summarized guidelines in the notes document will be a good tool for refreshing the negotiations tactics & approaches. This knowledge is directly applicable for any negotiations situations.

All of it can be applied to my current job.  

Dimitar Stefanov Dimitrov - Service Delivery Manager - Telenor, Bulgaria - CIAPP Certified

After Completing [CIPP Certification] I've Been Promoted to Corporate Buyer!

The CIPP program is comprehensive, easy to understand and to learn. It's a great, self-paced course with an exam at the end. It's a very good balance between course content and additional knowledge and experience. I like the practical examples perfect for its purposes and the orientation of the simulators. Overall the course can be applied to my current job. The assignments were challenging, helpful and informative. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add value to their current role in the procurement field. After completing the course I've been promoted from Operational Buyer to Corporate Buyer.

Raylena Burnett - Corporate Buyer - Renaissance Global Logistics - United States - CIPP Certified

[I liked] the examples...and the deep explanation … [my favourite thing about simulations was that] it looks as a real life example...when you answer wrong it explains to you what’s wrong.

[I would apply the knowledge acquired] on developing the specification … I will use the 5 How method.

Faisal (Obaid) Obaid - Head of Procurement - Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship ICA - UAE

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning/CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

Well Worth the Value Investment. Before the simulations, I am 90% confident that I have fully grasped the lessons and principles. Then comes the humbling simulations :), ... I often found myself going back to review and get better understanding. It's one thing to know the principles, application is a different challenge as scenarios change and can be complex. But in the end, I am confident that I am better placed to deliver and exceed expectations at work and personal engagements.  Practice and Utilization of skills will aid continuous improvement for excellence.

Adebisi Shonekan - Senior Commercial Operations Manager - Baker Hughes

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning & CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification

[my favourite thing was] The breakdown through which this Module is being taught. It was easy to understand and memorize. … real life examples … Connects the knowledge we are learning to the real life examples and cases.

Khaled Dahboor - Procurement Manager - Astaldi Inc. - Canada

Feedback for Scenario Based E-Learning/CIPP/CIAPP Online Training & Certification