6 Negotiation Skills Training Courses 

Online & Live Instructor-Led Negotiation Skills Trainings Cover Fundamental to Advanced Skills Enabling Anyone to Master Negotiations & Become An Expert Negotiator

3 Online Negotiation Trainings for Individuals & Teams

Win-Win Negotiations Shows with Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations How to Negotiate with Suppliers for Better Prices & Terms. Some of the Key Topics Covered ...

  • Win Win Lose Negotiation;
  • Assessing Your Negotiation Style;
  • How to Prepare for Negotiation 
  • How to Open a Negotiation 
  • How to Bargain by Asking the Right Questions
  • Tactics to Use in Negotiations - Low Ball/High Ball, Bluffing, What If etc.
  • When to Stop Bargaining & Closing a Negotiation

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Advanced Negotiations Online Training

Recommended to take after the Win-Win Negotiations Training, this Program Shows Seasoned Negotiators How to Build Advanced Negotiation Skills Through Real-Life Scenarios & Simulations. 

Employing advanced concepts like Game Theory, Negotiation Biases & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), some of the topics you will explore in depth are:

  • How to Design the Game so that it's in the Supplier's Interest to Deliver Results You Want;
  • Predicting Suppliers Behavior;
  • Creating Credibility with your Negotiation Approach;
  • How to Avoid Your Own & Your Team's Negotiation Biases;
  • How to Use Cognitive Bias in Your Favor;
  • Influencing stakeholders (or suppliers) using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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The Effective Procurement Negotiator Online Training

Recorded from Live Instructor-Led Training, this Course Includes Selected Recordings of Tested & Proven Procurement Negotiation Techniques, Strategies & Tools that Help to Negotiate Successfully Without Being a Pain on Suppliers’ Back!

Probably the only negotiation e-course for procurement that shows techniques, strategies and tools that are simple to use so that you get results almost immediately. For example some of the topics covered are:

  • The 6 Critical questions suppliers always ask and word by word replies to all of them eg How much is your budget? Or Who are the other suppliers you’ve contacted for this?)
  • What else can you negotiate apart from price so that suppliers have incentives to work with you!
  • 7 Steps to Getting Suppliers to Give Cost Breakdowns of their quotes so that you know where to really negotiate
  • Step by Step Process in Negotiating and Resisting Price Increases so that you either maintain the same prices as before or sometimes even get a lower price
  • The 7 Steps Negotiation Process that you can use for all your negotiations

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3 Instructor-Led Negotiations Trainings for Teams Only!

Advanced Procurement Negotiations

The Advanced Procurement Negotiations is a 2 Days Class Training or 4 Half-Days Live Virtual Training, with Hands On & Interactive Exercises, Case Studies, Checklists, Templates & Examples Including ... 

  • 10 interesting case studies,
  • interactive group exercises
  • ready-made to use templates,
  • checklists and examples,
  • plus 2 in-depth role plays 

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Advanced Strategies to Negotiate Lower Prices with Suppliers

This 2 Days Class Trainings or 4 Half-Days Live Virtual Trainings for Teams of 10 or more, shows how Buyers must level up their negotiation skills by being able to sell the supplier on why the seller’s price is too high!

This program discusses advanced techniques and tools to create expert negotiators who bring high confidence and abilities to price negotiations with suppliers and contractors. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Methods in preparing to negotiate price
  • About cost drivers and market changes that can reduce price
  • Seller’s pricing objectives
  • How Best to Negotiate in a Volatile Market
  • Combining Price Negotiations with other important issues
  • How to work with Cost Estimating Relationships
  • The elements of cost that make up the price

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Best Practices in Purchasing Negotiations Planning & Strategies

This 2 Days Class Training or 4 Half-Days Virtual Live Training, provides strong competencies in the methods and strategies that will result in successful negotiations with suppliers and contractors. Conducted Exclusively for Teams of 10 or more it includes Extensive Role Plays in Real-Life Negotiations. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The importance of planning in successful negotiations
  • What Are the Approaches in negotiations
  • 4 approaches to assist in single and sole source negotiations The importance of determining, rating, and valuing the issues in a negotiation
  • 6 areas in evaluating strengths and weaknesses
  • 18 Important points to remember in the negotiation 

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