What You Need to Know About CIPP/CIAPP Online Procurement Certification Program?

Below You will find how CIPP & CIAPP procurement certification programs work, what’s the curriculum/agenda, pricing and last but not least a comparison with 2 other well-known procurement certifications. 

First Things First ...

CIPP stands for Certified International Procurement Professional &

CIAPP for Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional.

These are 2 online procurement certifications catering to new & experienced Procurement Executives. 

CIPP & CIAPP Are Fully Online Procurement Certification Programs

CIPP & CIAPP are self-paced online certification programs. CIPP includes 12 Months unlimited access with 65 courses with total seat time of 63 hours.

CIAPP includes 18 months unlimited access with 114 courses with total seat time of 107 hours. Recommended learning time is about 5 hours a month for CIPP and 8 to 9 hours a month for CIAPP. 

This means that you can start your program immediately after enrolling without having to wait for materials to be shipped or attending classes. 

Learning methodologies & tools include scenario based e-learning, simulations, application based tasks, pdf summaries, quizes, assessments & exams. 

For full curriculum details including Competence Maps, Learning Levels & Course Agenda Summary go here

Pre-Requisites, Enrollment, Completion & Final Certification.

CIPP is mainly for those who have less than 5 years experience, whereas CIAPP requires more than 5 years working experience plus a degree. In certain cases, some procurement executives can enroll for CIAPP without having a degree, provided their work experience is substantial. Contact Us Here if you are unsure which certification is better for you.

Enrolment and completion process is simple. Once you register and pay the enrolment fee, you will be given a username and password to access all the learning plan for CIPP or CIAPP. 

Then you continue completing e-courses, simulations, tasks and online exams after logging in. You can log in anytime and learn for 10 minutes at a time and continue where you left of later, or for hours at a time - your choice.

Here are the 7 steps to earn CIPP or CIAPP

1. Register & Pay for CIPP or CIAPP

2. We will Give Your Account Username & Password 

3. Login Anytime (24/7) & Start the CIPP or CIAPP Online Learning Program

4. Complete All Online Scenario Based E-Learning & Simulations

5. Complete All Online Application Based Tasks 

6. Pass All Assessments & Final Exam

7. Submit an Online Completion Application/Email

All is tracked automatically - once you have completed all learning program including passing the online exams, our operations team will verify the completion data of your account and issue the certificate. A hard copy of the certificate and plaque will be couriered to you.

Learn with a Superior Online Procurement Certification Program

CIPP & CIAPP are Superior Online Procurement Certification Programs, with a practical, real-life & results based approach that is different from other certifications.

The online delivery includes 7 Cutting-Edge Learning Tools that Make Learning Fun & Help Change Behaviour - Below is a summary of the 7 Learning tools: 

  1. Scenario Based E-Learning
  2. Online Simulations
  3. Built-In Notes/Summary in PDF
  4. Refreshers/Micro-Courses
  5. Application Based Tasks
  6. In-Course Exercises & Quizes
  7. Assessments & Exams

Watch 24 samples for free here

One Fixed Enrollment Fee

When enrolling for CIPP or CIAPP, there are No hidden fees with One-All Inclusive price as below:

CIPP includes 12 Months unlimited access at USD 2,195  

CIAPP includes 18 months unlimited access at USD 2,995. 

Both Include unlimited access to all learning modules & exams (Scenario Based E-Learning, Online Simulations, Built-In Notes/Summary in PDF, Refreshers/Micro-Courses, Application Based Tasks, In-Course Exercises & Quizes, Assessments & Exams) including physical certificate delivery. 

Read More About Enrolment Process Including Payment Here.

CIPP & CIAPP vs Other Procurement Certification Programs 

Standing behind our promise of CIPP & CIAPP being the Superior Online Procurement Certification Programs, we’ve included a special article about 3 top procurement certifications.

In this article you will find what’s the pricing, curriculum and for whom each certification is best suited for - No Holds Barred - All Revealed Here

Summary of CIPP & CIAPP Online Procurement Certification Program

Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)

  • 12 Months unlimited access to assigned courses
  • For Those with Less than 5 Years Procurement Experience
  • 65 Courses with total seat time of 63 hours
  • Online & Phone Support
  • USD $2,195

Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP)

  • 18 Months unlimited access to assigned courses
  • For Those with More than  5 years Procurement Experience 
  • 114 Course-modules with total seat time of 107 hours
  • Online & Phone Support
  • USD $2,995

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