Format & Delivery of CIPP/CIAPP Procurement Certifications!  

Fully Online Procurement Certification Training

CIPP/CIAPP procurement certification is fully online - High-Impact E-learning courses that guarantee a learning effect matching that of good classroom training. Unique game changer in the market for procurement online training.

It includes Scenario-Based E-Learning, Online Simulations, PDF Summaries, Application Based Tasks, Short Quizes and Assessments after completing each major topic/competence.

This is a fully-blown corporate solution where companies enroll their teams - there are over 20,000 corporate learners enrolled that continue their online learning on a pre-set learning plan and schedule.

Now available for individual enrollment for Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP) & Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP).

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Online Procurement Certification Where Less is More!

Scenario Based E-Learning is a much higher level of online learning as it takes 10 times longer (and costlier) to develop than traditional rapid e-learning (power point slides presentation with a voice over narration).

That’s why its effect is similar to good classroom training and 1 hour of scenario-based e-learning equals 3 or 4 hours of classroom training.

The delivery is based on the principle of “less is more”, you study less but you learn more - see below Scenario-Based E-Learning for explanations.

We recommend that you only study a little every week - watch 1 to 2 hours per week of the high impact e-learning. That way you are introduced to new principles in ‘small bites’ - easy for you to remember and easy to apply. 

Plus the advanced technology enables you to study 10 minutes one day and then continue where you left the next day or just absorb half an hour or 1 hour at one go - your choice.

Below is a detailed explanation of the 7 learning tools used to deliver CIPP & CIAPP online procurement certification.

1. Scenario-Based Procurement E-Learning Certification

This is the first step we use for the CIPP/CIAPP - the most advanced learning because it is based on cognitive load theory.

Cognitive Load theory is a grounded theory thought to be the best for the brain in relation to learning:

Before being stored into long-term memory (= learning or critical analysis), information will first have to be processed by your working memory which is very limited in capacity (7 digits, holds information for 10 seconds).

When information is presented in a complex way to you, your working memory will often get overloaded and learning stops. There are techniques to overcome this. Below are a few examples:

1. Comic styles are preferred over photos

2. Use easy exercises and provide for completed examples 

3. Avoid redundant information and unnecessary repetitions

4. Avoid mentally linking different pieces of information. For example 2 connecting pieces of information should be visually paired on the same screen.

5. Use auditory stimuli and relevant visuals simultaneously. Both sources of information need to deliver an essential (not redundant) contribution. For example simply putting text on screen and reading it out is not good. It is about concurrent crisp audio text and relevant visual pictures being delivered.

As a result of these techniques, the information will flow seamlessly into your long-term memory. You will be able to reconstruct the course structure and important content quite easily as it has been put in schemas in your long-term memory.

 2. Online Procurement Simulations

To move you forward in your learning we have developed simulations. They represent Real Life Problems faced by Procurement Executives, where you are given the opportunity to apply the concepts learned. You are put in a scenario where you need to make decisions & given immediate feedback on those decisions. 

Make the wrong decision and feedback/guidance is given hinting you at the correct decision until you make the right decision and move forward in the simulation. Better to make mistakes during simulations, rather than in real life.

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3. Built-In Notes/Summary in PDF

After completing  each  e-course you can download course notes in PDF.

These are easy to review (take less than 5 minutes) & refer back to the same images and charts viewed during the e-course. 

This helps to increase retention and remember what you learned.

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4. Refreshers/Micro-Courses

After Scenario Based E-Learning individuals go through a very concise summary of key principles. For example the screenshot below (taken from the CIPP/CIAPP online certification program schedule), shows e-courses on strategic sourcing are 5 hours & 15 minutes of scenario-based e-learning, whereas refreshers are only 25 minutes.

5. Application Based Tasks

After you complete your scenario based e-learning, simulations, review PDF notes, we take you further to ensure that what you learn sticks in your long term memory and ensure an immediate application of key learning’s on the job. You will have a number of short job related assignments.

Deliverables are 1 page reports such as “Reviewing outcomes of a Negotiations Event", ”writing a category strategy” or “report on RFP process”. 

6. In-Course Exercises & Quizes

In-course Exercises & Quizes help remember what you learn through engagement & participation during the e-learning. 

As you move through each e-course you will answer questions - when you answer correctly you re-enforce what you just learned. But even when you answer wrongly you will be shown explanations as to why you answer was wrong and guided to the right answer. This reinforces learning even more, as we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. 

7. Assessments & Exam

After completing learning for each major competence e.g. Strategic Sourcing or Negotiation, there is 10 to 20 questions assessment. If you fail the assessment you can re-take it again and again. 

After you completed all the program there will be an online final exam encompassing questions for all you studied.

The purpose of our assessments and final exam is to reinforce learning, not just test the knowledge learned - that’s why there is no limit as to how many times you take the assessments or final exam. 

That ensures that when you complete your CIPP/CIAPP certification program you have learned, used and applied in your job the knowledge required to make you a true professional. 

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