2 Premier Online Procurement Certification Programs!

CIPP & CIAPP are Internationally Accredited Certifications with Real-Life & Practical Programs for 2 Levels:

Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP)

For Aspiring Non-Managerial Purchasing & Procurement Professionals 

Certified International Advanced Procurement Professional (CIAPP)

For Skilled Managers, Directors & Procurement Leaders

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How Does It Work?

The CIPP certification is open to all procurement executives who are active in a procurement, contract management or category management role without requiring any long experience on the job. 

However for those who want to enter the advanced CIAPP program, it is beneficial to have:

- a Master’s degree, or 

- at the least a Bachelors degree together with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience in a procurement role or in a Managerial position and above. 

The learning plans leading to CIPP & CIAPP certification are well-balanced learning plans for two procurement-professional profiles of different experience levels. 

Completely Online 

CIPP & CIAPP are delivered completely online and are essentially self-directed allowing you to study at your own pace.

The course materials & methodology is highly interactive and have one thing in common: as opposed to the more theoretical courses, these courses are scenario-based and designed to be applied in practice. They are practical courses that are relevant to your everyday experiences on the job. 

Here are the Steps to Complete them:

  • Register & Pay 
  • You Will Get Your Account Username & Password 
  • Login Anytime (24/7) & Start the Online Learning Program
  • Watch All Online Scenario Based E-Learning & Related Materials 
  • Complete Simulations
  • Complete All Online Application Based Tasks 
  • Pass All Assessments & Final Exam

Start by Downloading Your CIPP & CIAPP Certification E-Bundle! Includes:

  • CIPP/CIAPP Certification Official Brochure!
  • Free Trial Access to Online Samples for CIPP/CIAPP!

What Others Say about CIPP & CIAPP Online Procurement Certifications?

Well worth the time and value investment.  Though I have had experience ... the lessons and principles learnt from [the program] has helped to broaden my mind, thoughts and analysis.

... in the end, I am confident that I am better placed to deliver and exceed expectations at work and personal engagements. 

Adebisi Shonekan - Senior Commercial Operations Manager - Baker Hughes - CIPP Certification

The [CIAPP] Program is Interesting, Comprehensive, Easy to Understand, Easy to Learn & Cost Efficient. It Exceeded my Expectations for Online Training! I believe that in the near future the [CIAPP] program will help me will increase my chances of promotion, pay raise or new job opportunity.

Very good balance between course content and additional knowledge and experience...  [I like] the practical examples ...  perfect for its purpose.[I like] the practical orientation of the simulations [and] ... contents of the course, they are what I need currently.

The summarized guidelines in the notes document will be a good tool for refreshing the negotiations tactics & approaches. This knowledge is directly applicable for any negotiations situations.

All of it can be applied to my current job.  

Dimitar Stefanov Dimitrov - Service Delivery Manager - Telenor, Bulgaria - CIAPP Certified

The e-learning & simulations contributed a great deal when doing assignments. They are so informative & articulate. I honestly cant say enough good things about this program! These courses have made me better in all facets of procurement. Looking back now, I was not as educated as I thought I was in a lot of areas of procurement. These courses have taken me to a whole new level of understanding and has given me so much more confidence when conducting my day to day routine. 

Ernie Ethier - Buyer - Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, Canada - CIAPP Certification

The CIPP program is typically aimed at people who are starting their career in procurement, concentrating on the fundamentals of procurement. 

The CIPP program is ideal for buyers looking for a first professional certification. 

Suited better for those who are not in a Managerial position or have less than 5 years experience

The CIAPP program is designed for more seasoned procurement professionals who want to go beyond tactical skills and seek to evolve to a more strategic position within a procurement department.

Usually CIAPP is more suitable for Managers, Directors & Senior Level Executives in procurement and those who have 5 or more years experience. 

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