6 CIPP & CIAPP Online Certification Mini Lessons Will Help You Learn in Minutes What it Would Take Hours to Learn in a Classroom Training! 

Best Practices to Challenge Specifications!

6 Common Supplier Questions!

How to Reject a Delivery?

Price vs Cost!

ABC/Spend Profile Analysis!

Kraljic Matrix!

MINI LESSON #1: How to Challenge End-User Specifications focusing on Simpler Cost-Effective Solution by Drawing from a NASA Example 

MINI LESSON #2: How to Professionally Answer 6 Common Questions Suppliers Ask When Negotiating, Without Giving "the Whole Farm" 

MINI LESSON  #3: How to Reject a Delivery & What to Write & Say to Suppliers?

MINI LESSON  #4: Using Gaussian Curve to Determine the 3 Types of Supplier Prices. Includes Example that Shows the Difference Between Price & Cost. 

MINI LESSON  #5: How to Perform an ABC/Spend Profile Analysis & the 2 Limitations that this Analysis Has! 

MINI LESSON #6: Dividing Suppliers in 4 Categories According to Their Importance & Supply Risk They Carry. Using Kraljic Matrix to Overcome the 2 Limitations of ABC Analysis! 

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