Vendor Finance
A Financial Solution With
Many Advantages

Vendor finance is the provision of a loan from one company to another so that goods can be purchased from the company providing the loan. Vendor finance has a number of advantages which include:

  • The vendor increases their sales.
  • The vendor earns interest on the loan which is usually higher than that available from other financial institutes.
  • The vendor has a firm business relationship with the borrowing company.
  • Sometimes the purchasing company also provides shares in their company as security, thus the vendor gains a hold of the purchasing company.
  • Vendors often imbed the financing within the total solution as opposed to add on packages.
  • Price sensitivity is reduced so the purchase becomes more attractive.
  • The purchaser is able to buy goods that they would otherwise be unlikely to be able to afford.
  • The procurement process is sped up as the purchaser does not need to search for financing.
  • The purchasers cash flow is eased as they have a fixed payment to make over the next three to five years.
  • During the underwriting and funding process the lending company receives an approximation of the credit worthiness of the borrowing company.
  • Some vendor finance arrange for the lease of products as opposed to full payment. This is tax effective for the purchasers. They can also hand back the product at the end of the contract.

There is one giant disadvantage as any company requiring a loan to purchase their much needed products could well have financial problems. This means that there is a risk that the loan would be written off and the accompanying shares be worth very little.

There are financial institutes who specialize in providing vendor finance facilities to blue chip companies, working as a third party. Other financial consultancies specialize in arranging and negotiating vendor finance schemes for small and medium sized businesses.

This involves seeking potential purchasers, matching them with vendors and arranging the finance for the pair of them. They obviously receive a commission for this activity.

During recessionary times more companies seek vendor finance to solve their liquidity problems.


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