How a Tender Consultancy Should Help You?

Tender Consultancy covers a wide range of business services that supports the acquisition of new business. It is growing in popularity because every day thousands of tenders are issued worldwide by both private sector and public sector organizations. It is no simple matter to find all relevant tenders and select and submit those that are potential winners for you.

Before considering using tender consultants it is important to consider the type of support and assistance required. It can vary from receiving advice on new tenders issued, sourcing the bid documents through to assisting with developing client relationships and transferring advanced bidding skills to your staff. Their main menu of services will include one or more of these:

Early warning system and tender alerts

Tenders are issued electronically on the internet, in the press, in government publications and on organizations’ own websites. Often these are preceded by “broad" advertisements of an intention to tender shortly or a Request for Information which is a mechanism used to short list the companies who qualify to tender.

A tender consultancy can manage this process on your behalf by prompting you about tenders through a daily email consisting of bid opportunities for your chosen target market and product portfolio. They will filter them using your own criteria and can select only those that have a high potential rate of success.

Tender guidance, advice and project management

A tender consultancy can help your team develop and analyse your response strategy and decide on a “bid or no bid” response. They will advise on joint-ventures, sub-contracting, and complex alliances as well as help you understand the processes and politics involved in competitive tenders. This is particularly relevant in bidding for foreign contracts where you have no presence or limited knowledge of the environment.

Tender preparation and submission of documents

The time frame is often challenging so a tender consultancy will provide additional “hands on” capacity to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and that the tender is fully compliant. They can bring a strategic view, identifying the key factors required to win, and can strengthen your competitiveness. They will draft, re-draft, edit and quality control the content to increase its winning potential.

There is also software available that stores and manages your company information and product detail electronically and keeps it up to date. It can classify your documents and information in various ways, by group or category, which is designed to speed up preparation and ensure consistency of content.

Skills transfer and capacity building

A tender consultancy can support you through the tender process but can also give you tools, templates and processes that you can use for future tender submissions. This is a value-added service that will ensure that you have in-house skills and will save time and resources on future tenders. Post-tender reviews can be conducted to establish reasons why tenders were not successful so that corrective action can be taken for next time.

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