Sample Construction Bid – Complexity Made Simple

A sample construction bid is used by a building company or developer to give to a property owner in order to establish as to whether they wish to start a development project. 

Building or converting a property is an intricate project that takes many “trades” or subcontractors and many different types of materials over a long period of time.  Thus a fully priced and defined bid would take some time and effort to write and cost.

The presentation of a sample construction bid enables the builder to judge as to whether it will be profitable to continue with the construction of the property. 

It also allows them to ascertain as to whether these costs are within the property owner’s budget.  Many property owners do not realize the full cost and complexity of changes that they have requested.

During a major construction project many changes occur, time lags are caused by the weather and availability of trades people and materials. 

This makes it extremely difficult to provide a fixed price and timescale for any building project, thus the sample construction bid has become common place in the construction industry.  It also makes an excellent start for the builder when they need to plan and cost out the project in more detail.

Many sample construction bids come in a standard format and it is easy to download the forms from the internet. These forms itemize each part involved with the project, from material to equipment and employees, into a particular section so that it can be specifically viewed and adjusted as required.

Where a property or land owner may wish to place the building work out for a competitive bid, they hire an architect who will produce the project design. This is approved by the owner and then put out to bid for various builders and developers.

Each builder’s bid will be uniformly laid out and show the architect that the developer understands the project. The price will provide the site owner with budgeting information.  If all is well with the bids, the lowest price is usually chosen.  

Sometimes a builder and architect will work together and produce a proposal from the site owner’s instructions, precluding the need for a bid.

The sample construction bid, is an example of how an industry has chosen to make a difficult task much easier.


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