Video Presentation Shows the  3 Mistakes to Avoid Before Enrolling for a Procurement Certification

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Are You Looking to Enroll in a Procurement Certifications Program!?

Then discover the 3 mistakes that people need to avoid before enrolling for a procurement certification.

But before that, there is this BIG thing that you should look out for, when it comes to procurement certification and that is…

If you are looking JUST for a procurement certification DO NOT enroll for any!

Because a piece of paper even when it says “Certified”, will not give you the edge, will not make you successful. You are the only one that can make yourself successful.

When you look for a procurement certification program, the value is not just getting the Certificate. 

The real value is in the learning and execution process …

… what you learn and how to use what you learn to bring results for your employer 

… results that your company expects you to deliver.

Find Out What Results the Certification Program Helps You Achieve for Your Company Before Enrolling for a Procurement Certification Program

Results trumpet everything - when you produce and show results you’re unstoppable, you get the next promotion and the next pay raise.

Understanding that you are after results, will help to better grasp the 3 Mistakes you need to avoid before enrolling for a procurement certification. 

Here they are ...

Mistake 1 - Trying to Study the Whole Material Quickly

Some say - I want to complete my certification in 1 month or 2 months or 3 months. 

However, our brain does not work like that - you cannot rush your journey to real-life skills and success. You can surely expedite it, but not rush it.

Because if you just study and pass with flying colors, then all those who got top marks in universities would become directors after graduating. Didn’t we all used to study 3 days before the exam, and then move on to the next and so on. 

Yes that works in getting a degree, but that does not work in real-life, because knowledge not used is knowledge wasted. Let’s repeat that again:

Knowledge Not Used is Knowledge Wasted!

You can’t force real-life skills and practice. You need to learn first then practice. And that takes time - 6 months, 12 months or longer depending on your existing knowledge and skills.

Learn first, then practice and use whatever you can in your job - that’s what brings you results!

Mistake 2 - Learning Just to Pass the Exam!

Many procurement certifications out there 'teach to the exam'. Meaning that whatever you study is focused on passing the exam - a 20th century rotten learning methodology. Some even go as far as to conduct classes on how to pass the exam by providing mock exams.

However the focus of a professional when enrolling for a procurement certification program must be to learn best-in-class practices and use what you learn to bring improvements to your organization so that you have documented proof to ask for that next promotion and pay raise.

Mistake 3 - Studying by Reading Books or Online Materials. 

OK, it’s understandable that at this point some might say that we are going too far with the mistakes …

... how else are we supposed to study for a procurement certification program if not reading? 

Continue Reading until the end & you will find out how to get a procurement certification without reading books. 

But let’s give books their dues - Reading books was fine for the 20th century model. Because technology had not advanced to provide real-life online learning, practical exercises and simulations. 

Pilots learn how to fly using a simulator which is as real as flying a real airplane - doesn't it make sense that we as procurement professionals should learn the same way as a Pilot!?

Reading is also great for general education when you want to be exposed to new ideas or learn what’s happening out there. But when it comes to building real-life skills, it is not. There are no opportunities to use what you learn in real life. 

So what are we to do as Procurement Executives?

If we cannot study quickly, or learn how to pass an exam and read books or materials, then what are the choices?

The choice then is to select a program that uses 21st century cutting-edge tools and technologies that make learning fun, easy to digest and give real-life examples to apply what you learn. 

That’s where …

  • Certified International Procurement Professional - CIPP, and 
  • Certified International Procurement Professional - CIAPP

....tick all the boxes.

These are 21st century online procurement certifications developed with the goal to easily learn PLUS use what you learn on your day to day job.

Here’s how you do that:

First - Commit to Learn 1 Hour or so per Week.

That way you are introduced to new principles in ‘small bites’ - easy for you to remember and easy to apply.

You learn through the highest level of online learning - scenario-based e-learning. 

For those who are not familiar, this is the most advanced learning because it is based on cognitive load theory which is a grounded theory thought to be the best for the brain in relation to learning. 

For example, when information is presented in a complex way to you, your working memory will often get overloaded and learning stops. To avoid this, scenario-based e-learning uses auditory stimuli and relevant visuals simultaneously. 

Both sources of information need to deliver an essential but not redundant contribution. It is about concurrent crisp audio text and relevant visual pictures being delivered, rather than simply putting text on screen and reading it out, which is used in other traditional forms of e-learning.

As a result of these techniques, you will be able to reconstruct the course structure and important content quite easily as it has been put in schemas in your long-term memory.

Second - Apply What You Learn with Real-Life Simulations.

Simulation represent Real Life Problems faced by Procurement Executives, where you are given the opportunity to apply the concepts learned. You are put in a scenario where you need to make decisions & given immediate feedback on those decisions. 

Third - Apply What You Learn with Short Job Related Assignments

After you complete your scenario-based e-learning and simulations for a particular topic, you ensure an immediate application of key learning’s on the job. You will have a number of short job related assignments. These are practical 1 page tasks such as “writing a category strategy”, “report on RFP process” or “Prepare for a Negotiation Event”. For example this is what Ernie from Canada said ...

“the assignment topics were perfect! They would be ones I would have chosen if I was empowered to make those choices. RFP, TCO and Contract Review … these are definitive musts!”

Ernie Ethier - Buyer - ParkBridge Lifestyle Communities, Canada - CIAPP Certified 

This ensures that you prepare a short report from your learning not only to fulfill the criteria towards certification, but also to show  what you accomplished. After enrolling you will be noticed soon after, because of the results you are going to produce and deliver which ultimately will lead to better opportunities for promotion and pay raise. 

Does all this make sense?

Because CIPP & CIAPP are probably the only online procurement certification programs that enable you to Gain an Accredited International Procurement Certification Without Reading Books and Without Travelling.

You will Build World Class Skills and Global Best Procurement Practices to Excel in Your Job, Produce Bottom Line Results and Get that Promotion and Pay Raise!

Learn more about CIPP & CIAPP by picking up the choice that better resonates with you below.