Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CIPP & CIAPP Procurement Certification

Find out the Answers to Frequently Asked  Questions regarding CIPP & CIAPP Procurement Certifications.

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    Questions Answered Are  …
  1. What is CIPP & CIAPP?
  2. Why CIPP & CIAPP?
  3. I’d like to enrol for CIPP/CIAPP procurement Certification. How to Get Started?
  4. Which To Enroll - CIPP or CIAPP?
  5. What are the benefits of getting CIPP or CIAPP Certification?
  6.  How do I Know if I'm eligible for CIPP or CIAPP?
  7. How Soon can I start after enrolling?
  8. How Do I Earn CIPP or CIAPP Certification?
  9. Is it only online or do I need to attend a physical class?
  10. What's Included in CIPP & CIAPP?
  11. What's so special about CIPP & CIAPP?
  12. Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?
  13. Do You Offer Group Discounts?
  14. Who is the Certifying Body & How Recognized is CIPP & CIAPP?
  15. Which Countries Recognize CIPP/CIAPP Certification?
  16. Is there a final examination that I need to take before I can be certified?
  17. Will I get supporting documents or can I download files for reference?
  18. How many hours is each e-course, simulation & task/assignment?
  19. How long does it take to complete CIPP & CIAPP?
  20. What is the Cost for CIPP & CIAPP?
  21. Do You Offer Instalment Plans?
  22. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  23. Do you offer group discounts?
  24. If I'm unable to finish the assigned courses within the specified period, can I renew? If yes, what will be the fees?
  25. What will I get after I complete the CIPP or CIAPP program?
  26. Can I include CIPP or CIAPP certification in my CV?

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