How to Bid Government Contracts?

Ever wondered how to bid government contracts? Many companies survive just on winning government contract bids. The size of your company is not a problem as many governments actively encourage smaller companies to bid government contracts. They do this as it promotes:

  • Greater competition
    More companies are able to bid.
  • Lower costs
    Smaller companies have fewer and lower overheads.
  • New ideas
    These are sparked from the competiveness and innovation inherent to emerging companies.
  • Responsiveness
    Due to the greater level of the competition.
  • Flexibility
    Smaller companies are able to move and change far quicker than a larger company controlled by shareholders and multiple layers of management.
  • Quality of service
    Available from a responsive company in a competitive area.
  • Specialization
    Many companies that specialize are by their nature small. This ensures that they can bid without having to join a consortium that will put up the prices.

To bid government contracts is made easy by many governments who have their own web sites. So if you wished to bid on UK government contracts, they have their own web site that has all of the available government (Invitation To Tender’s) ITT’s in one place. The USA also have their own site, as does the European Community.

If you wish to bid government contracts you must remember several major factors:

If you wish to bid government contracts you must remember several major factors:

  • ✓ Governments are very price sensitive.
  • ✓ Governments need to be fair and legal, so their bidding procedures are highly controlled and formulative.
  • ✓ Many governments have key areas that they are particularly keen to see within a bid. These would be such activities as:
    • Equal opportunities.
    • Green initiatives.
    • Legal requirements.
    • Quality.
    • Health & Safety.
    • Staff transfers.

This does mean that once you have written this information you are able to use it on several occasions. This does make tender writing much easier and quicker. So ensure that you know and understand your government’s bidding processes and what they generally look for in a winning bid.

If you wish to bid government contracts you will need to complete a PQQ (Pre Qualification Questionnaire) before you are allowed to complete a full tender.

This will ask you questions about the stability and financial robustness as well as a few other questions intending to choose a few most appropriate bidders. Read the PQQ in great detail because you can often find out the government agencies key requirements.

To conclude if you wish to bid government contracts, learn

  • the bidding processes,
  • write up the standard questions and
  • pay attention to the PQQ’s.


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