Advanced Procurement Negotiations Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

6 - 7 February 2024, 9 am to 1 pm Eastern Time!

Registration Opens on 9th January!

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Here's what others who attended this online training say:

I would emphasize the training covered some excellent simulated negotiations that kept the large group engaged through the entire session each day. The concepts discussed had a mix of intermediate-to-advanced aspects from a negotiation standpoint, and I had several takeaways that I can apply in future negotiations. I was truly engaged throughout the negotiation training and had high expectations for my key learnings. 

Joe Mikla - Strategic Sourcing Manager 

I liked the role play that simulated real life situations. I would highly encourage [others to attend].

David LaMar Ervin - Procurement Agent 

Take a lot of notes as there's a lot of useful information that can be used in real life. Skeptical going in very satisfied in the end.

Aida Colon - Project Procurement Manager

Program Outline

Day 1:

Foundations of Negotiation and Strategy Development (4 hours)


  • Introduction to the Program
  • Introduction of the Trainer
  • Participant Introductions and Expectations

Negotiation in Action: Simulation and Role-Play

  • Initial Negotiation Simulation
  • Role-play Preparation, Activity, and Feedback

Preparation Base Camp

  • Understanding the Role of Preparation in Negotiation
  • Building Blocks: Objectives, Alternatives, BATNA, LIM, and ZOPA
  • Calculating Your Walk Away Position

Playing the Game

  • Strategies for Success: Focus, Strengths, Weaknesses, Research
  • Techniques: Questioning, Listening, Body Language
  • Calculating Their Walk Away Position

Day 2:

Advanced Techniques and Practical Application (4 hours)

Creating and Capturing Value

  • Focus on Objectives: Win/Lose vs Win/Win Strategies
  • Identifying and Manipulating Variables
  • Practical Exercises in Creating and Capturing Value

Negotiation Movement

  • 6 Techniques for Moving Negotiations Forward
  • Maximise Getting, Minimise Giving

Negotiation Influencers

  • Understanding the Role of Logic and Emotions
  • Leverage and Bluffing Techniques

Embedding the Learnings with Role-Plays

  • Final Negotiation Simulation
  • Role-play Preparation, Activity, and Feedback
  • Key Learnings, Future Commitments, and Closure
Effective Procurement Negotiator

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Investment Fees:

Regular Fee = USD $995

Special Discount for the First 7 Participants = USD $695


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