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Cost Reduction in Purchasing Course
16-17 January 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Did you know that as a purchaser you could be responsible for spending over 50% or your organization's revenue? This could be spent on goods and services like raw material or even overnight mail. Yet, by contrast, labour costs seldom exceed 10 to 15 percent of sales. So when the goal is to increase earnings by lowering costs, you have to look very closely at what and how you buy. Cost Reduction Programs and Cost Price Analysis and tools, when properly implemented, will result in dramatic reductions in cost and bring significant improvements in productivity across your organization.

Key benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Explore 20 cost reduction methods and gain substantial savings
  • Learn proper Cost Reduction Reporting Procedures
  • Streamline and improve your supplier performance
  • Master data mining and learn the art of strategic plans
  • Accurately monitor your cost improvements
  • Learn how to get control of your time with the all important ABC analysis
  • Develop your skill in handling Purchase Price Indexes


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