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Contract Creation, Management & Negotiations MasterClass
09 - 13 December 2012, Dubai, UAE

Course Overview:

This comprehensive 5 days programme aims to provide procurement staff, who are practitioners in contract management and are involved in the management of complex contracts, with the commercial knowledge and skills, to effectively and efficiently manage and control the processes associated with contract management. Additionally it will provide a range of tools and techniques to develop the relationships that exist between contractor and contracting entity and to ensure a successful outcome from any negotiations carried out.

What Past Participants Say:

"We wish we had many more like Rob he has inspired us to develop procurement to a higher level of credability within our organisation."

Samir Taghiyev
Contracts Engineering Specialist
BP Azerbaijan

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"Rob has a great enthusiasm for procurement and his style and personality is infectious."

Raul Aliyev
Contracts Engineering Specialist
Ras Gas

"Rob has generated a greater interest in procurement across the collective organisations we work with than any other procurement trainer."

Valerie Roberts
Legal Adviser Public Procurement

Some of the Participants Include:

Course Objectives:

By the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  1. Compose strategies and strategic objectives for a procurement of the provision of products or services from external suppliers;
  2. Evaluate the different types of contracts available and be able to select the right one to best meet the business need;
  3. Manage the resolution of contract disputes;
  4. Recognise and apply the wide range of skills required to be an effective contract manager;
  5. Understand the importance of assessing and managing risk within the procurement;
  6. Differentiate the factors that lead to poor performance versus the achievement of sound value for money;
  7. Identify the key stages of the tendering process and evaluate how these stages can impact on the success of the contract;
  8. Interpret and formulate key performance indicators and specifications;
  9. Employ techniques that will help motivate supplier performance and build continuous improvement;
  10. Undertake negotiation successfully to achieve best value for money outcomes.

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