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Excellence in the Procurement of Services Training
How to achieve costs savings & add value when buying Services?
17 - 18 December 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The procurement of services is different from buying products, and whilst much of the process is the same, it has been noted by the Aberdeen Group that "services purchasing represent one of the largest and largely untapped opportunities for cost savings within organisations." A UK Government report has also noted that:

  1. Organisations do not always allocate appropriate skills and resources to the management of their service contracts.
  2. There are weaknesses in key performance indicators and limited use of financial incentives to drive supplier performance.
  3. There is variable testing of the "Value for Money" delivery of ongoing services and contract changes.
  4. Less than half of organisations have implemented supplier relationship management programmes, despite these bringing clear benefits.

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The cost for services compared to products is often high, simply because most services use people and there is little opportunity for production economies of scale. The great news however is that when done properly, the procurement of services results in large savings which directly add to the bottom line and profitability of your organisation.

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This training will equip you with what you need so that to master the buying of services by learning best practices, especially:

  1. Understand how services are different from buying products
  2. Examine the real cost of services to the organization
  3. Remove the performance limiters when buying services
  4. Select and maintain good suppliers
  5. Provide the practical skills and information to enable better services procuremen
  6. Apply the essential tools to enable more effective procurement of services.
  7. Examine the benefit of using effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and other ground breaking procurement techniques
  8. Overall, reduce the costs and make improvements in services procureme

This training is for you, if you find yourself below:

  1. You want to understand more about procuring services
  2. You are directly or indirectly involved in managing procurement of services
  3. You are not in procurement but want to gain an awareness of the issues and key drivers
  4. You are an owner, operator or director in your organization who buys services
  5. You are involved in Procurement & Purchasing or are a Buyer, Supply Management Executive/Manager/Sr. Manager/Director/Vice Presidents/GM.

Each class is limited to 22 participants and the seats fill very fast, usually months in advance.
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