Supplier Selection, Rating & Certification

23 - 24 June 2014 – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


This course has been previously conducted in-house for one of our clients. Participants who attended were satisfied at 81.4%. .

Program Satisfaction = 81.4%.

Clear picture of what is the important criteria to tackle toward changes improvement.

Procurement Executive,
Thunder Cranes Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia.



How do you know how well your suppliers are doing? Most responses present a subjective view. Proper and effective tools will provide an objective, quantitative visibility of what supplier are doing. This program will assist purchasing and other areas of business activities in evaluating performance. It will aid you in working with suppliers to improve quality and availability of products and services. We need to recognize that the strength and power of an effective supplier certification program that includes supplier selection & rating of suppliers’ performance will lead to a better supply base that addresses controlled change. This will discard wasteful activities. More importantly, the process gets everyone affected involved. Too many efforts take a one-sided view – “I’m the customer and I’m always right”. Learning from each other is paramount to the process. Another value to this course is learning from those who have already done it!!



  • Understanding the importance of quantitative performance measures
  • How to employ proven techniques for monitoring key areas of accomplishment
  • How to use rating as one of the tools for establishing and improving alliances
  • Which rating elements are best and why
  • The five (5) key steps to obtain certification
  • Discover what the obstacles are, both internally and externally, that will appear at different phases of the process
  • The best way to secure the suppliers commitment
  • How others have employed this in various industries
  • How to develop an implementation plan and the associated time frames
  • What kind of results to expect
  • Ability to relate the importance of Total Cost savings versus the purchase price


  • General Managers, Directors, Managers and Professionals involved in Supplier & Vendor Management & Development, Purchasing, Procurement, Contracts, Tenders, Materials and Supply Management
  • Quality Directors, Quality Engineers, Purchasing Agents and Buyers
  • Manufacturing Supervision and Directors as well as Supervisors Suppliers
  • Support Personnel, such as Cost Accountants, Engineers, as well as Equipment and Tool Maintenance Managers

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Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, individual and team cases, and group discussions covering the many topics presented in the program.

He is very effective. Outcome of the seminar course was more in beyond expectation. Michael was very accommodating, attended to all questions, very knowledgeable. Provided practical example. He also delivered in manner that would wake you up- keep you active. He shared limitless experience.

Procurement  Manager,

Petron Corporation Manila


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