5 Unconventional Solutions to the 2 Biggest Supplier Problems: Delivery & Quality
This Special Report is based on the Feedback of 533 buyers & supplier managers from 29 Countries who participated in our Supplier Selection & Performance Benchmarking Survey

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How Delays & Quality Problems are only the tip of iceberg of a much larger problem that affects you, your suppliers, your boss and your organizations customers?
How your credibility and that of your suppliers depends on two factors only?
To ensure good performance from your suppliers you need to do this one thing correctly.
How despite the fact that your supplier was reliable to do one job, he may not be right to do another similar but larger job?
The top quality/competency you as a strategic buyer and supplier manager must have?
How to identify whether you are important to your supplier?
One 'innocent question' you must ask every supplier?

If you’re like the 70% of the other buyers and supplier managers, delivery on time and with quality should be your top problems with your supplier. After all this is what more than 300 people in our survey indicated. While most buyers believe to have good enough supplier management systems in place, majority face deliver and quality problems. Here’s some comments from participants in our survey:

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The biggest problem is delivery period
Delivery on time is the biggest issue
Not meeting delivery deadlines that can negatively impact production
The biggest problem we face is delivery time, 9 out of 10 times there is always some kind of delay...

But what we found out is that despite these problems, there’s a lot to that buyers and supplier managers can do to solve these problems. We did a major research and found 5 specific ways that you would not have heard elsewhere. For example:

How to go against whatever guru says regarding inventory and “just in time” principle and reduce supplier delivery problems by …. increasing inventory. The report will show you what type of inventory you can increase and how you can convince you CFO to increase inventory (His concern is the increase in inventory will increase his inventory carrying cost).

Plus you are going to find out how supplier problems put your career in jeopardy and create a big problem with your Boss as well. This is an unseen major problem, but it is there. We discovered this problem because of what a supplier manager clearly stated to us what he thought about his suppliers and what his boss thought about him.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg as to what this report is going to do for you and your supplier problems. The 5 solutions are tested and proven and you don’t have to implement them all to see improvement results with your supplier quality and delivery.

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