Economic Price Adjustment Clauses Made Easy
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In this special Report you are going to find out:

Why the supposedly “best practice” of entering into long term agreements with suppliers is not that “best practice” after all? 
What are the major points to consider in using and developing a price clause / EPA clause? - Example provided in a typical supply management situation.
Discover an Actual Example of a Purchasing Manager who has received bids for a 2 year fixed price agreement.
When is a price clause / EPA clause appropriate?
How to identify times or events that will trigger price adjustments?
How to determine the actual price of adjustment in price clauses Contracts?

If you had not had enough, here’s some more information of what you will find in the Report:

- How to actually establish the Economic Price Adjustment Clause and the calculation for the adjusted price? (Actual price clause included with the exact words to use


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- What you must always include in a Price clauses contract? When you do this you avoid all the headaches later.

- This report is written by Robi Bendorf – one of the most experienced purchasing professional who is always rated above 9 out of 10, in all the projects that he does

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