Supplier Qualification & Performance Measurement

TBA, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Most organizations recognize that they cannot perform any better than their suppliers perform and therefore continuous improvement of supplier performance is critical to the success of any organization. As a result supplier assessment, selection, and performance measurement are being recognized as critical processes where high management and professional competencies are required. This fast paced seminar provides both strategic and practical insights into:


  • Achieving Supplier Total Quality
  • What can Measurements Accomplish
  • Developing the Qualification Process
  • Supplier Performance -What to Measure
  • Collecting, Rating, and Reporting Supplier performance
  • How To Use Performance Measurements


Seminar Objectives

  • Benefit from hearing the practices and experiences of others
  • Cover the many steps in a proper supplier evaluation
  • Develop performance weightings
  • Learn how to use performance results for continuous improvement
  • Explore various rating systems
  • Discuss methods of collection and reporting data.

Training Methodology

Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, individual and team cases, and group discussions covering the many topics presented in the seminar.

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Attending the session helps me to re-visit my knowledge and enhance with the new thing available in the market. This will help my company having update in technology and approach and compared with our existing exercise.

Assistant General Manager
Telekom Malaysia



Program Summary
Supplier qualification and performance measurement are the processes of evaluating, measuring, analyzing, and managing supplier selection and performance with the objective of improving quality, reducing Total Cost of Ownership, reducing risk, and providing continuous improvements in supplier and contractor performance. This program provides methods and competencies directed at improving these processes within the buying/contracting organization.




Supply Chain Manager, Contracts, Procurement, Purchasing, and Project personnel, Engineering, Operational, Quality, and Maintenance personnel, and all others who are involved in interfacing with contractors or suppliers in the acquisition of materials, equipment, parts, and services or anyone who wants to improve supplier performance and gain successful outcomes.


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