3 Sales SuperStars Only ($50 to $150K)

Since you are here we trust that you believe you are a Sales Superstar. Below you’ll find out what you can expect and what we expect from you. 

What are you expected to do?

You will do your own research to identify the prospects/leads you need to call.

You will make 100 over calls every day to GM/VP/ Managers of Procurement & Purchasing from large companies (e.g. Petronas, TNB, TM, PNB, SOCSO, Pos Malaysia, Intel etc) to convince them to:

First attend our world class trainings solely focused on procurement.

Second, to engage us for consulting them on special projects for their procurement department

Third, to engage us for coaching them and their people to succeed in their career.

If you’re really a sales superstar you already know that this is not a 9 to 5 job. You will have to work hard, come early and leave late. Don’t apply if you’re looking for a 9 to 5 job or if you’re just looking to see if this is for you, because if you’re don’t find you fit the bill so far, this is not for you.

You will have to understand what your prospects feel on a day to day basis, what are their difficulties and how you can overcome them? To do this, you would need to learn and study extensively about procurement function in each organization. The place to start is the “The Procurement Manifesto

Finally being in sales you are expected to bring in more than RM 50,000 in sales revenues per month. No money no honey. Those who just can make calls but cannot close sales, are not Super Stars, so no need to apply.

What can you expect?

If you are a true Sales Super Star you will be expecting the following commission:
 $50k to $150K for the first year,

$75 to $200K the second year, and

$100 to $250K the third year.

We do this by providing up to 20% commission and incentives not only for new clients but also by rewarding top performers with Repeat Clients Royalties.

The Leader in Procurement

We are the only organization that focuses on Purchasing & Procurement alone. That’s why our clients look to us for anything relating to purchasing & procurement. This provides you with the opportunity to sell something unique that clients cannot find elsewhere.

Multiple Products

The opportunity to sell your prospects and clients multiple programs for the whole year! That’s how you can lock in your clients and avoid the competition (if any). We are always in front of our prospects & clients eyes and sooner rather than later you will close them.

Hot Leads for Top Performers

We spend 5 figures every month on advertising/marketing and forward the leads generated to highest top performers/super stars.

Full & Continuous Sales & Product Training

Once joined, immediate sales & product training for 2 days. Then continuously 2 weekly Sales & Product trainings. You will always learn something new every week.

Sales Superstars know that they have to learn and study hard about their prospects needs and products that fills those needs. If you just read 1 book a year, this is not for you. You will be expected to read a lot about your prospects so that you understand them better than they understand themselves. Those who just try to fake their way thru with prospects, need not apply.

Do you fit the bill?

If yes, then enter your details below and provide 2 alternative times when we can contact you by phone. There will be first a phone interview and if we determine that you have what it takes to be a sales superstar, we’ll invite you for a face to face interview.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Make sure that when you schedule your times, you are there when we call, if not we shall not call back.

Before we call! Ensure that you have done the following:

First read the The Procurement Manifesto

Second, understand more about the front end products that we sell. Click here for our world class trainings (and download those brochures there).

Enter your details below:






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