Strategic Sourcing Plans Made
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In this special Report you are going to find out:

Get here The Strategic Sourcing Plan Report that shows you an example of a step-by-step procedure for conducting the development of sourcing plans. The Strategic Sourcing Plan Report does NOT focus on the “why” or “what” but on the actual “how to” by providing an example of a step-by-step procedure for conducting the development of formal sourcing plans and a detailed outline of what typically would be in such a plan.
The 6 procedures you need to implement in your sourcing plan
The 3 types of the responsibilities covered in a sourcing plan
The 11 items that you must include in your sourcing plan
3 Ways to ensure that you have not concluded a contract when dealing with international suppliers! (If you’re thinking that you only have a contract when you have signed it – think again. Under The UN Convention for International Sale of Goods (CISG), there is no provision for preventing assertions that contracts have been concluded solely on the basis of oral statements).
Your Two-fold role as a purchasing professional, when creating contracts!

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Some of the procedures that you will learn are:

- How at the beginning of each year your Chief Procurement Officer or Head of Procurement will define the key spend categories that are to be covered by a Strategic sourcing plan.

- Further the Team Leader will select a Strategic Sourcing Team composed of those individuals at Company involved with the spend category or any others needed to support the development or implementation of the plan.

- Then, the Team led by the Team Leader, should meet and discuss all aspects of the procurement activity related to the selected category. This should include, the Company business strategies related to the commodity, supplier performance and relations, supplier selection, quality and delivery issues, cycle time reduction, inventory, global supply market conditions, sourcing methods of competitors, potential for total cost improvements, contractual arrangements, ordering and payment process, substitutions and commodity innovations, and the forecasted requirements for the spend category. The team then develops the necessary data to complete the Strategic Sourcing Plan including the action plan.

-Once the SSP is approved it should be presented by the Strategic Sourcing Plan Team to Executive Management for concurrence.

-The Team Leader shall administer the plan with team members providing input per the SSP action plan.


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