Services Procurement Report
How to Successfully Buy Services from Suppliers and Consultants?
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When many people discuss procurement, they are often only talking about the procurement of material products and goods; there is often little attention given to services procurement.

While the actual procurement process (P2P) for both covers the same steps, there are many differences, a major one being noted by the Aberdeen Group "services purchases represent one of the largest and largely untapped opportunities, for cost savings within organisations."

This special report on Services Procurement will outline how buying services is different from buying goods and how to categorize the purchasing of services based on risk and cost.

You will also find out

Unique facts that show how 'maverick buying' is responsible for most services buying
How to categorize services into 4 major categories?
7 Key Characteristics of Services
5 Differences between goods and services procurement
6 Key Questions to find out how you buying services
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