Procurement Cost Management

24 - 25 April 2014, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




  • The contribution of effective procurement to corporate performance
  • Achieving cost reduction through better procurement
  • Understanding supplier pricing methods
  • Using break even analysis
  • The development of open book costing approaches to encourage the ‘should cost’ of bought out products and services
  • Purchaser pricing methods, such as fixed, target costing, contract price adjustment and unitary pricing
  • Understanding accounts- balance sheets, profit and loss statements
  • Using ratio analysis to understand suppliers costs
  • The use of investment appraisal and discounted cash flow techniques to achieve total cost of ownership methods
  • Review and evaluation



By the end of the programme, delegates should be able to:


  • Identify direct and indirect costs and how these can impact on suppliers’ pricing
  • Operate different techniques aimed at questioning fees or prices paid to external suppliers
    Review different pricing strategies that a supplier may deploy
  • Recognise sources of information on suppliers’ corporate and financial performance
  • Calculate basic ratio analysis and to use these to evaluate the reasons for the changes in suppliers’ performance


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Before, general awareness and taking things lightly on contract matters. Now, I found it important and need serious review on all matters involving contract documentation. Robi is very knowledgeable and experience on the topic presented.

General Manager,

Tradewinds Plantation, Malaysia





Supply Chain Manager, Contracts, Procurement, Purchasing, and Project personnel, Engineering, Operational, Quality, and Maintenance personnel, and all others who are involved in interfacing with contractors or suppliers in the acquisition of materials, equipment, parts, and services or anyone who wants to improve supplier performance and gain successful outcomes.


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