Finance for Purchasing & Procurement

TBA, Dubai UAE

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Participants who attended this course previously rated their satisfaction at 85.1%.

Program Satisfaction = 85.1%.

can honestly say, since taking your class, I can understand the contents of our annual report”

D. Gruenwald, Disney


This finance training focuses on procurement aspects and understanding for finance. It provides a proven set of decision-making tools and financial techniques and how to use these techniques to communicate purchasing’s contributions.  

Among others you will learn how to effectively evaluate suppliers’ financial status, how to apply modern financial practices to purchasing and how to build a convincing case study for decision making.

If you’ve never been exposed to formally to finance concepts and how they related to your job as a purchasing or procurement professional, then this is a must attend training program.



  • Learn what is important in financial statements
  • How to identify potential financial misstatements
  • Using the Cash Flow Statement effectively
  • The "Red-Flags" of financial statement fraud
  • Use ratios for quick analysis
  • Capital analysis tools to include: NPV, IRR, MIRR, PI, XNPV & XIRR
  • Total Cost of Ownership secrets & analytical tool
  • Use Excel® and an analytical tool.


  • Purchasing & Procurement professionals who want to learn about the relationship between finance and procurement and master and/or revisit the advanced concepts of the financial side of the purchasing/ procurement process. Other people who would benefit from this training program: Financial professionals, Operational managers, Operational process owners, Project managers.
  • Anyone tasked with the effective and efficient evaluation of potential investments, acquisitions, outsourcing agreements, or long-term contracts


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Participants will gain from a combination of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, negotiation of model cases, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of concepts and techniques discussed.


“Daniel was incredibly knowledgeable & presented the information with enthusiasm. He made a potentially dry subject interesting & relevant”



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