Contract Management

24 - 25 March 2014 , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam






  • Overcoming the challenges in contract implementation
  • Developing a implementation project plan
  • Keeping the roles and responsibilities clearly understood
  • How to overcome resistance points and barriers in the implementation
  • Addressing the differences in contract administration and management
  • What is contract Administration?
  • What is contract management?
  • Keeping focused on the rights and responsibilities throughout the fulfillment phase
  • Selecting Contract Management that is a best fit to purpose
  • What is your electronic contracting strategy?
  • Which options are the best fit for your strategy?
  • Managing the contract change order process
  • What is a change order and why does it happen?
  • Understanding the relationship dynamics behind a change order
  • Documenting the change order and preventing excessive changes
  • Embracing Supplier Relationship
  • Management tenets in contracting
  • What is Supplier Relationship Management?
  • Understanding the benefits of a well managed supplier relationship




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Contracts, Procurement, Purchasing, and Project personnel, Engineering, Operational, Quality, and Maintenance personnel, and all others who are involved in interfacing with contractors or suppliers in the acquisition of materials, equipment, parts, and services or anyone who wants to improve supplier performance and gain successful outcomes.


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