Contract Administration: From Start to Finish

25 - 28 May 2014, Dubai UAE


Participants who attended this course previously were highly satisfied at 90%.

Program Satisfaction = 90%.

At beginning I thought it is worth coming to this course but now after attending I am damn sure it is worth every penny.

Head of Contracts,
Oman Airports Management Company


It is a well know fact that the best tendering and contract writing is of limited value if the contract is not carefully administered from award to completion. World-class organizations view the application of best practices in contract administration as being essential skill sets needed by all employees involved in the contract management process.
The participant will be guided through the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through to the final acceptance, payment, and the contract close out so that the total objectives of entering into the contract are achieved. This program is designed to present contract administration as more than just a job or activity but as an important profession essential to the organization’s ability to meet its goals.



  • Achieving Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership From Better Contract Management
  • Increased Confidence In Dealing With Contract Issues
  • Greater Ability To Lead Contracts To Successful Conclusions
  • How to Provide Better Outcomes from Contracts?
  • Important Elements Of Contract Administration
  • Contract Monitoring Techniques
  • How To Get Fair Treatment In Contract Changes
  • Contract Termination Issues
  • How To Prepare For Claims And Disputes
  • Review Acceptance And Contract Close Out Issues
  • The Inputs And Outputs In Contract Administration


  • Contract Administrators, Project Coordinators, Contracts Officers and Managers, Engineering Project Managers, Construction Managers, Tenders Managers, Buyers, Procurement/Purchasing Managers, Project Managers,
  • Maintenance Mangers and Systems Managers and all others in organizations whose leadership want world-class skills sets in those involved in contract management activities.
  • The program is a great way to develop those new to the function, prepare for a major project, or useful as a refresher for veterans.

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This course will combine a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of new concepts.


Robi is an excellent trainer. After attending course, I feel excited and can’t wait to go to office and start work.

Contract Management,

Petronas Lubricants International Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia


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