Advanced Procurement Tools & Techniques

25 - 28 May 2014, Dubai UAE


Participants who attended this course previously rated their satisfaction at 80.8%. 

Program Satisfaction = 80.8%.


I felt great. I learned in-depth exposure to negotiation. Different from what I read from books.

Purchasing Manager,
Sanyan Wood Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia


This program aims to provide delegates with advanced tools in the procurement process from Identifying Needs through to the Monitoring of Performance.



By the end of the programme, participants should be capable of:

  • Appreciating the different strategic options and approaches for procurement and supply chain management
  • Realising the impact effective procurement policies and strategies have on the achievement of corporate goals
  • Identifying sources of added value procurement and their alignment with corporate objectives
  • Differentiating the strategic risks associated with the various stages of the procurement cycle
  • Recognising tools that can identify supply market behaviour and determine competitive pressures
  • Distinguishing appropriate sourcing strategies for bought out supplies and services


  • Senior Procurement personnel involved in the management of procurement supply chains, contracts and purchasing with external third party suppliers and other Procurement professional aspiring for management and leadership positions.


Participants will increase competencies through a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, individual and team cases, and group discussions covering the many topics presented in the program.

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Very interesting clear, thought provoking and comprehensive coverage. Rob Thompson is tremendously well informed and has provided a wealth of knowledge. I was wary before attending but I’m beginning to see the big picture.

Assistant Manager-Legal,

Deleum Berhad, Malaysia


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