Materials & Demand Planning
TBA - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Today's economics in business has brought many companies to address major investments like inventory with a limited results solution outsource the function and/or activity. Procurement services and Contract manufacturing activities are typically what have been employed. Some reduction of inventory occurs BUT it is minimal as to what it could be.

In order to achieve a level of significant reduction (more than 20% improvement per a research agency) throughout the supply chain, a deeper awareness of what creates inventory needs to be understood. WHY? Certain actions taken will only provide a short term impact/result. The basic problems haven't been addressed (actions to reduce order quantities & revert to Lean Practices for delivery have downstream impacts: 1) increased equipment downtime; 2) increased transportation and handling costs. These effects could have been avoided by addressing core operating issues/problems.

Get full details about this Materials & Demand Planning sent to your email immediately after you enter your contact details on the right.

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The presentation will provide the basic foundation to the principles driving inventory decisions. Instruction will deal with premises and practices that necessitate some inventory but end up becoming drivers of day to day activities. The result being excessive levels building during "good times" and reduction efforts in "bad times". The focus of the enterprise needs to be a balance and minimization of the inventory level "all the time".

  • How to control inventory physically and virtually via computer systems and planning techniques.
  • What are the advantages of the various valuation techniques
    (LIFO, FIFO, Average Cost)
  • How to determine which is the appropriate replenishment
    technique to employ
  • What are the various order quantity approaches and when they
    should be used
  • How to calculate the Cost of Carrying Inventory and it's
  • What are the different measurements and what they mean
  • How to define what is the appropriate inventory level?
    What are the requirements and practices for improving your posture? (competitive advantages of an enterprise).
  • How do you arrive at a projection of your business revenue?
    What is the frequency of the adjustments to the projection and what precipitates it?
  • What level of inventory investment is required to ensure 99.9% customer service?
  • How are your business planning and operational policies
    adjusted regarding forecast revision?
  • How to incorporate operating practices that promote cross-functional relationships to resolve and improve
    customer service and satisfaction performance?

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