IT Contract Management
Managing Contracts for Maximum Value in the IT/Outsourcing Sector
TBA - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Once the commercial transaction is negotiated and signed, most contracting teams in the IT/Outsourcing sector are pulled from the process – at the same time that the parties are escalating their focus on the transaction. Both parties are incented to maximize their financial yield on the transaction and minimize their risk, yet some do not treat Contract Management as a key to their overall success. This interactive session that includes 5 exercises related to the IT sector, will help you discover:

w to dedicate the necessary tools, techniques and talent to managing commercial relationships?

What is the difference between Contract Administration, Contract Management and Relationship Management in the IT/Outsourcing sector?

  • What is needed for you to succeed at all three levels?
  • How to drive greater value and innovation into subsequent contracting cycles with your commercial partners?
  • Learn cost effective contract administration and management techniques

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  • Identify opportunities to reformulate your commercial IT contracting Strategies
  • Develop specific and realistic commercial relationship performance metrics
  • Achieve excellence in your commercial relationships
  • Identify opportunities to automate your contract management processes through software and other tools

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