Developing Internal Customer Relationships for Procurement Professionals
TBA, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
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The supply chain involves everything between supply and demand with effective and efficient supply chains needing to be integrated coordinated and controlled.
This must start internally and means there is actually a real need “to win the home games first”. This in turn, requires collaboration with all of the internal stakeholders.

Procurement must therefore see the importance of having effective customer service relationships with internal customers/users/stakeholders.
After all is it is the customer demand that triggers supply (and therefore, gives a role for procurement).


  • Appreciate the holistic characteristics of the supply chain
  • Improve relationships between all the internal supplier/customer stakeholders
  • Generate ownership for the stakeholder roles

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Competencies emphasised:

  • Analysing
  • Managing people
  • Leadership
  • Marketing

Personal impact:

  • Identify the needs of customers, and recognise that these needs will change over time
  • Use the core marketing tools and techniques
  • Evaluate your operating environment and trading circumstances
  • Recognise both the features and the benefits of the procurement service provided
  • Use tools and techniques to nurture relationships

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